Animation is digital fun.
Fake characters can say things without recourse from ugly censorship people.

Not asking questions is a problem for some people. Too bad.
Trust is not something you should take lightly, or give over to some entity or organization when it has direct consequence on your life, liberty and health.

Woke is code for loser. Women being gluttons for self harm are too often the W-word.
If you are pursuing one, stop.
If you date one, leave today.
If you are married to one, divorce.

Don't get sucked in, by these creatures.

Courtesy of some ghoul at the World Economic Forum, a breakdown of the useless people in the world.

World Economic Fan Boy - rambles on in his usual cadence of oh so hackneyed English, about useless people around the world.
Gotta love the balls on this guy. Which by the way, his husband (yes, he is one of those... He, has a HUSBAND) surely does.

Such a deep think sapien...

You may be suffering from pandemic brain.
1st symptom - you listen to, believe, act on, allow without question on everything you are told by those you consider, your masters (You wouldn't call them that though. Slaves are just like that #losers)
2nd symptom - repeat 1st symptom

If you are attempting to pull off the dude posing as a chick routine, you better at least be passable. And that doesn't mean in your eyes you are that. Any loser can love what they look like...

If you can't pull it off, then Flip OFF

The oppressed all have options.
Let the oppressor lean into your strike zone.

Then it's fair game.


The unknown knowns of any conflict are so unknown that you'd be a fool to even try to decipher them all.

This visual presentation asks more questions than it has the answers to.

War is only hell if you are not enjoying it.

Enjoy the show!

"Humans are now hackable animals"

So says some man-goo guzzler from the WEF.

● sexual depravity
● atheism
● compulsory military service dodging
● ethical equivalent to a log of shit
● ugly

Impressive, but does he have an OnlyFans account?

European Union - are my methods unsound?
Capt. Willard - I don't see any method at all, sir.

Well, there is method to the europes.

Enjoy the show!

Working in The Sciences must be at times a real strain. All that data, details, lack of release...
Put down those test tubes and put your tube (steak) to work now and again.
Just a thought to consider, between all those long hours in the lab...

Do you recall the first time you were exposed to a computer, or any virtual environment. Think back. More than likely you were young and dazzled by these computer things. They were so cool, gnarly or just fun depending on the vernacular of your time.
Well, the take away being that you were under its INFLUENCE. That certainly hasn't changed, other than coming full circle, back to its initial intended purpose as a militarized tool of levers, controls and GATES.

Enjoy the show!

Under the stresses of these pandemics, phony wars and confusing messaging from the media.

Women can at least still celebrate themselves one day a year around the globe.

A late to the party commentary on the recently past International Women's Day.

From an outsiders observation...

I always found people in the field of "the sciences" to be more often than not, a conceited bunch of slobs.
They could well do with being downgraded from their previous heights of public reverence, and personal pomposity.

This little film pokes some fun at them. They deserve it, having brought it on themselves these past 2 years.

Any medical intervention (pharmaceutical taken by patient) that has more than 1,200 adverse events of concern reported in a 3 month span of time, is something that you would benefit from knowing about before taking it.

The following documents are only available (against the wishes of both the manufacturer and regulator who allowed the product to be released to an unknowing public) due to a court ruling.


The pandemic was a planned event.
The goal being to merge biological bodies (you) with a virtual network, for monitoring and who knows what else.
No doubt this was in the works for many years, but the following video links it to at least 2017. That much can be said.
The U.N. confirms this during a July 31, 2019 session.


The takeaway of this video is quite simple. If you were vaccinated, you are a cyborg. Unless the nanotechnology injected in you malfunctioned and particulate has become dispersed throughout your body.

In that case you may be having late post vaccination medical complications, or a series of recurring micro injuries as your body repeatedly encounters further dispersed nanotech fragmented materials.

Even if you are not a active bug chaser for (HIV), you can also join the AIDS Positive Glee Club.
Have no fear though, another vaccine is surely in the pipeline to address the unfortunate pesky circumstances of slow burn immune system obliteration post vaccination.
Have some faith 🙏
Don't be a research and development bio-atheist.
The SCIENCES are on it!

A review of the 1980 feature film, "Maniac".

Actor Joe Spinell plays the killer. He is dead now.

Reflections on resets, and retards.

Order is illusory. Look for it if you must.

Making men go on dates with other men is bullshit. I don't agree with such sentiments.

There are a lot of losers out there in the world. You probably know some yourself.

Richard Burton has a few choice words to cut thru the bull.

Mother effers


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