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*(Keith Woods & Chris Langan On 'The Great Replacement')
*Keith Woods Bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/m3lnZ8lWagkf/

*(The Patent for the 'PCR' was sold by the company 'Cetus' to 'Roche Molecular Systems' for $300 million.)

*Sky News interviews a Ukrainian crisis actress, planting the seeds for a 'False Flag' chemical attack in Ukraine to be blamed on Russia. They end their segment with the news that Facebook has relaxed it's 'Hate Speech' policy concerning posts on "Violence Against Russians" and the killing of politicians they don't like.
*(US military says collecting Russian DNA for ‘research purposes’) - https://parstoday.com/en/news/world-i67050-us_military_says_collecting_russian_dna_for_research_purposes%E2%80%99

*Minister says over 80,000 Ukrainian refugees could arrive in Ireland -


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"How is it that we do not see any of these [Emergency Powers] Acts directed against the Jews, who crucified Our Saviour nineteen hundred years ago, and who are crucifying us every day in the week? How is it that we do not see them directed against the Masonic Order? How is it that the I.R.A. is considered an illegal organisation while the Masonic Order is not considered an illegal organisation? There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair's breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money".
*(Oliver James Flanagan/ Dáil Éireann 9 July 1943)