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Dive with me into the deep darkness and there we will find the hidden truth about Werewolves and their masters....the Vampires. By Louis Strauss - on Wolfmanchronicles only
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Watch the Simpsons prediction on cracking the dome, Hillary Clinton saying "some day someone will". Elon Musk's first failed attempt caught on video, then on 18 November 2023....they succeeded passing through the dome....The question is...what comes next????

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If your baby is not chipped after birth...they you can not have it.

Do we have to take socks and blind folds to work in 2024 as they might unleash daemons on the earth for 3 days???

Here is what "they" are planning for all of us in early 2024... The 50 in 5 Digital "WHO" Horror & Lockdown!!!

***A.P.E.X HARDWARE M.A.R.K 13 population control https://www.bitchute.com/video/rT8WBI6H6cmK/
***TERMINATOR A.I BY LOUIS STRAUSS https://www.bitchute.com/video/hyTFLQI0dMb9/

Here we go put on your metal army helmets as the "GLASS" will soon come down on our heads!!!!

In this video we go thru the eyes of Siener Van Rensburg, a South African "prophet" who foretold the future of not just South Africa but also the world. I also give my "view" in this video as Siener even mentions the coming "zombie apocalypse".

Welcome to the apocalypse, from the US building a 33 Million Dollar Space Balls Nuclear Space Battleship to a security officer shitting in a school sink!!!

I made a video earlier on about a South African prophet named Siener Van Rensburg...here is a short in-depth packed information about his visions for WW3 and the betrayal of England which will cause the destruction and total annellation of England...and the 2nd rise of Germany.

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On 17th (USA) time Elon Musk could launch his rocket to break the earth's firmament (Earth's dome), if they do it and succeed....what will the outcome be???

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Immediate call for the arrest and execution to all who were involved in the murder of millions of innocent victims around the globe by forced Covid Vaccinations!!!

After all the lies the US government told us about the missing plane MH370... strange "satellite footage" was leaked, and this is what the satellite recorded....
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Check out President Biden roaming the streets on Halloween lol

Hi all, filmed some awesome footage today...a Rhino family with their young one, tomorrow will be my last day here in SA and the back to New Zealand on Tuesday...and as for the Rugby World cup it was a Verry good game and congratulations to the SA Springbok team winning by luck with one point lol...well done!

Still at the African Safari Lodge, will upload pics and videos for you all when I get better wifi, everything here in the bush is awesome and crazy 😉👍

Hi all Arcadians, hope you all still doin well and surviving the apocalyptic news on doomsday earth! I'm Still in Africa and doing two Safari tours, one this weekend and another next weekend then back to Prison island on 31st Oct...I will send you awesome Wildlife fotos & videos! Be good be kind look after yourselves respect people, respect older people and most of all respect your parents 😁😁😁😁👍 see you soon!

All you need in a world of "Mad Max" is GUNS & AMMO!!

NASA Telescope B22X "found" an asteroid heading towards earth and will arrive in 11 Months on 2nd September 2024, having a "79
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The ultimate controlled depopulation plan they have in-store for you and me. Whatever it takes DO NOT take the new boosters!!!

According to a geographical study Africa is splitting into two, how far will it split and if it does split what will the new two Africa continents be called?

I'm on the farm and lovin' it!!! Having breakfast with two zebra's and yesterday I got out of the car to take a photo of a mountain baboon, then a big one came out of the bush and chased me back into the car lol!! Subscribe and join us on the Ark today😁👍


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