Not every one can be trusted when the world goes Mad Max.

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They are on purposely killing farm animals and destroying farm crops and guess who is next on there killing destroying list???... YOU!!!

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This video contains the following missing person Cases:
Walter Hendrickson, 27 Years, Missing August 1, 1939, Hermosa, SD
Felix Sampson, 27 Years, Missing Sept 24, 1963, Clinton, BC
Thomas Bennett, 40 Years, Missing Nov 22, 1925, UK
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• Our missing person website:

Insight from Jason Charles (Well-known Canadian Prepper) re-economy collapse
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Cash crisis and bank freezes has begun!!!

After being Doubble Vaxe'd and Booster'd with vaccines, it seems like a slow transformation is taking place for some people.. What the hell is going on???

This is what you NEED to hear and SERIOUSLY NEED to ACT before it is too late!!!

Even thou Ukraine are receiving new updated weapons, Russia is still dominating the frontlines and continues to increase the nightmares for NATO countries.

Awesome cartoon information about "mutually assured destruction" if WW3 kicks off with nuclear bombs.

Think frogman is creepy...then wait till you watch "ISLAND OF DR GATES"
Just the 5min intro alone gives you the goose bumps..

Notice how the media and police does not want to rule out any information about the man's motive or mental health after going on a stabbing rampage, this is a good example of what will soon come to every country on earth.. NOW is a good time to watch my video on "how to survive 5 months of hell" if you have not seen it yet.

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Insight from Pastor Bob Larson regarding Ukraine and coming World War 3

The Bigfoot Project (new evidence documentary)

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Another awesome survival skill to learn, Thank you Dan Wowak :)

Good prepping inspirational info with Pastor Joe Fox
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