Happy Independence day, everyone.

Today I took a day off to rest my hands. Tomorrow I will resume normal functions.

Today was supposed to be a rest day from bass, but I gardened and played.

Today was fairly normal, though tomorrow will be a break day from bass.

Today was my weekly day off. I cleaned a bit and played bass.

Today I devoted to more gardening and bass.

Today I replaced work with gardening and it was both rewarding and exhausting.

Today I was tired but I got my bass in and realised something.

Today was a return to form and very enjoyable, also my 200th day clean.

Today I went to a graduation party and played bass for a few people.

Today my sinuses decided to feel solid again. Seems like high pollen days kill me.

Today was my day off and I rested, instead devoting myself to my more nerdly pursuits.

Today I was tired, but I tried to get everything done and started to put myself out there.

Today I decided to look for something new.

Today I slept off a nasty bit of congestion and also returned to bass playing.

Today was spent resting my hands and doing very little

Today was a pretty varied day and I went to see some friends.

Today was a lovely day, but I had to break through the wall presented by my hands.

Today I spent a lot of time on simply playing bass and a bit of cleaning.

Today I found a way to cut social media and focus on creating.

Today I got back to work and played my bass again.

Today I was stiff all over, so very little got done. I read a lot, though.

Today I rested due to feeling like crap.

Today I went to a friends birthday party and had an enjoyable time.

Today I decided I needed a change of pace and tried to find a new job.


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I've decided to quit video games for a year. This is my story.