Carter Conlon is interviewed by Jim Sherlock here. Carter was lead pastor of Times Square Church in New York for many years. He was the successor of David Wilkerson. Here he shares his salvation testimony and also some wise words for Ireland. Carter's ancestry is from Ireland.

Age 7 - drowned in the swimming pool and through a heart felt prayer said by her mother, brought back from drowning. Brought up in the Church of Ireland, but didn't know Jesus or become born again until later on in life.

Lost his interest in God in his teens. Brought up in Catholic family - his grandmother prayed for the salvation of their family and he was one of the ones who was eventually saved. Very influenced by an evangelistic invitation from Reinhard Bonnke - when a pamphlet came through the door saying - Do you want to believe in Jesus - his answer was Yes and the Holy Spirit moved on him from there.

The Word of God describes what the Anti-Christ will be like. We need to be looking out now Who could be the Anti-Christ on the earth among us. This teaching shows us what to look for, what sex he is, and what his desires and character will be like. So many people in the world are going to be deceived by this man.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Going to a Catholic church, Miriam was searching, searching, searching for the Lord - she was religious and thought she could get to heaven by doing works - she had no relationship with the Lord - until one day a nun explained what it meant to be born again - she then went on to become born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Hear her journey here...

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Anna thought she was a good person, she went to Mass in a Catholic Church - she thought heaven would be her home when she died - but she found out later when she became born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit - that she was wrong back then. Hear here how she really became born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit later on with the evidence of speaking in tongues and heaven is now her home.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies
Joe was sexually abused as a child and because of that was angry and frustrated - he turned to alcohol to drown out what happened to him. He went back and forth with this addiction for a long long time, including drinking 200,000 euros worth of alcohol he had got through a family inheritance. He went into despair and slit his wrists in a suicide attempt one night and then he heard the audible voice of the Lord and had the most extraordinary experience with the Lord being taken out of his body to be with the Lord...and God spoke to him and answered some very pertinent questions he had.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Elfie was forced at the age of 15 to have an abortion - this had a huge effect on her life - she became born again through a friend sharing about Jesus with her. She later on went on to be married and found it very difficult to then have a child, until older ladies at a home group prayed for her and she was with child, shortly after this and then went on to have another child after this. She gives God all the glory for her healing from this trauma and advises other women that there is a another better way instead of abortion.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Jackie asked her sister, was Jesus sitting in her sitting room? As her sister Marie had a real encounter with God in the 1980s and they were all confused as to what happened to her sister. They thought she might be caught up in a cult...but one by one, each member of a 13 children family professed Christ...this was both terrifying and appealing and you just could not deny it, she said.

The area in which she lived was rampant drugs area where there was a lot of unemployment. They lived in Dublin flats - one man prayed for years as an intercessor that God would show himself to these people- and that happened within weeks in a mighty way...Later on Jackie's mother, who was a religious catholic, became born again through the Word of God, realising that Jesus is the only way and the only intercessor. After this revelation she removed all images and statues of Mary and stopped praying to saints and only to Jesus, which is what the bible teaches us is correct.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies

Ellis came to believe that Jesus was the son of God from reading the Word of God especially the Beatitudes. He then went on to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a Catholic Charismatic meeting. He was President of a local chapter of the full gospel business men's fellowship international (FGBMFI) in Dublin, Ireland. He was also a church planter setting up fellowships and another church in Dublin. He also got involved in prison ministry in Dublin where he taught many offenders the Word of God.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Rohit was the Captain of the National Cricket team for India and he admits it was his religion - he had idoltry of sport. Rohit is from Northern India, which is mainly a muslim area. All his team members were muslim. The Lord allowed him to suffer a shoulder injury through the sport, but then the Lord healed him...and told him that he wanted him to work for him in the ministry of sharing the good news of the gospel with unbelievers. He shares how God provided for him supernaturally to go to bible study in Singapore and more...

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Patricia was involved in witchcraft and occult through the religion of Santería which is very prevalent in Brazil. She explains how they sacrifice animals and drink their blood to allow evil spirits to enter into them.

Patricia got out of this occult, and became a believer in Jesus - she also has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues and also has the gift of interpretation of tongues.

She has also been completely healed from stage four endometriosis which was so serious that when the surgeon opened her up he was very shocked, but she was fully healed by Jesus.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies An American Football player, a near alcoholic, his father dying as an alcoholic, problems in his marriage, brought up a catholic, but walked out of a catholic church, telling the priest, I am leaving, when he asked why? He said, I don't think I can worship Mary. Later on Pat became born-again - hear here Pat's journey of becoming a born again believer in Jesus.

Here is a link to Sue Pat's wifes salvation testimony - link below

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Paul shares with us how he became a born again believer in Jesus - He was a member of a protestant evangelical church called the Plymouth Brethren in Powerscourt, Co Wicklow - the Brethren were very bible based - every week he put his hand up to say that he wanted to give his life to Jesus - but by his mid-teens he didn't believe this was working and he stopped going to church, because he did not see any change in himself - so he became a cynic.

Coming up to his 16th birthday his mother gave him a book called Notes from God's Casebook - accounts from the book of Judges - Paul was bored - no TV or Internet - and on a rainy day coming up to his birthday - and he read the account of man named Jephthah and his daughter - and he was shocked and his life changed radically when he read this a moment of time he saw Jesus. The Holy Spirit opened his eyes and he became born again. His life changed, and an example of his changes were for instance cursing immediately stopped when he became born again and he immediately he wanted to help his dad, his character started to change.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Find out how Suzanne became a believer in Jesus...and has made heaven her home once she passes from this earth.

Suzanne married the football star, but they had trouble in their marriage, they did the party scene, and she was a very spoilt person, she had to have things her way, and so in course of time they had a son, and then things started falling apart. SheI grew up and never read a bible, I grew up in a Catholic atmosphere but I knew nothing about salvation, I went to confession, but that didn't help me at all, I went right back doing what I was doing the week before. My husband had a major football injury, which ended some of his football future, so he started seeking God, but I didn't know what he was doing, I just knew that he was attending this function and this function and then we didn't have a whole lot of money, the marriage was falling apart. We lived in this small apartment and we managed this rooming house, and there were two young men but through these men they led him to salvation. He came into our home, and threw all the really bad dirty bad things away out of our home. I didn't know what happened to him but I knew something happened to him. I didn't know at the time, but the Lord was really dealing with me. I knew that I was a sinner, I started praying to God, which I hadn't done so much before in the past and I started crying and I knew there was something wrong, but I didn't know exactly what it was, but I was under conviction and the Lord was showing me that I needed to get right with him. I didn't know that it was called repentance, salvation, I just knew that God was heavy on me...I needed help really badly, I knew that the marital issues were very much my fault, like the way I was behaving, the sinfulness in my husband had a born again experience, I didn't really understand but he changed completely...and in the meantime through the people we got saved through there was a husband and wife came to our house and they came to talk to me about salvation....and her life account of salvation continues in the video...

Here is her husband Pat's salvation testimony - link below

Do you operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit? What are they?

Galatians 5: 19-26

Have you heard the blessing God has for you? It is know as the priestly blessing and is a beautiful prayer to receive from you can hear it here now

This is also known as the Aaronic blessing
Numbers 6:22-27 kjv

Are the 10 Commandments given to Moses and written by the finger of God - are they relevant today? - Should we as Christians keep them - I read them here to you today - and discuss each one, with its relevance to life today and answer this question

Are we living in the last day of when Jesus is returning for his bride for the marriage feast of the lamb?...

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Brendan shares his journey on how he became a born again believer in Jesus and how he saw the power of the spoken word work against the occult and witches...and more

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Michael battled with evil spirits taking them on through prayer in his family home at a younger age.

He lost three members of his family members through suicide including his mother who suffered with depression. When he was younger he used the ‘Our Father’ prayer to intercede against an evil spirit which caused epilepsy - especially when he said, “Forgive us our sins.”

His uncle laid hands on him and prayed for him and he received healing including having an ‘outy’ belly button receding into an ‘iny’ belly button and the baptism of the holy Spirt.
He later fell into sexual sin, and he lost with that his healing and his anointing.

He has been given gift of dreams by God, where God shows him certain things he intercedes in prayer for before something happens.

Have you ever asked yourself, Am I a sinner?

Should a Christian be watching main stream media?

The Question is Who or What is the Door? - Find out here.

Yeshua Square Youtube Channel for Salvation Testimonies Rex, suffered with blindness as a teenager and he went after the things of the world in rebellion. His father continually prayed for him. He said the Salvation prayer many times, and did not become born again in those times, but he then explains to us how he did then at a later stage become born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


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