Derek Bartolacelli

That 'ol spiritual lyrical content complimented by metaphysical visuals to assist in activating the viewer.. I really made a much bigger effort than the last 3rd eye mix by including more eclectic images that blend together to somewhat sync well with the lyrical content and melodies.. i did throw in a few clips from the old one just for a quick reminder.. no 30 minutes of zooming fractals, haha, that was a bit overkill with the last one, which is still worth checking out if you haven't already:

I hesitated a while to even finish this project being in the hour we're in, but i figured this can motivate and inspire people to realize the incredible beauty in creation, our limitless potential (if our DNA and energy template wasn't largely manipulated), and to rise above the bullshit, fear, deceit, gaslighting, propaganda, and all the rest.. I didn't want to focus so much on the 3rd eye since i did that in another mix and also since what most people are operating on is a counterfeit overlay of the whole chakra system.. feels like walking on a tight rope to not come off new agey with all the spirituality, which is why i'm attempting to portray this album dualistically; i.e. seeing thru the bs on both fronts- negative and positive, since there is plenty of disinfo in both camps.. positive being the false light pseudo-spirituality and escapism.. we are here to break free from the bondage that this matrix has had over us for eons.. we're not here to escape, we're here to reclaim this earth and banish this matrix and all the archon factions with it.

forget 3rd eye vision.. if you cannot see what's going on with just your own 2 eyes in the year 2020, you're really going to struggle with the Truth and possibly never get it in this lifetime unfortunately.. and what's worse is that you will object and argue with people like me who are in line with the Truth (Natural Law) and are trying to help them become aware of the deception and obfuscation of what's really true.. Now isn't it ironic how many people were acting cool and joking around about having that 20-20 vision, being in the year that we're in, yet how many people still cannot see the forest thru the tress? still believing the msm and cherry picked "qualified" speakers to misinform us so that we support and remain apathetic with the lockstep agenda that was written years ago by the rockefeller foundation that is slowing taking away what little freedoms and collective dignity we have left.. and will continue unless we stand up and say no in large numbers..

i did include 3 original music videos from the respected artists, eithre guess which ones they are right now, or cheat and peek at the tracklist.. choice is yours.. haha.. i will say that 2 of them had sub-par video quality, that would be my only critique..


Evolution - Nu Vision Project
Eye Candy (Overstandings Improv AYM Remix) - Source of Labor ft. Makia
Beyond The Horizon - Mindz Eye

Visions and music of environmental proportions in this one.. I don't make a lot of these mixes with visuals, but when i do, i really try to weave it well into the tapestry of topics narrated by insightful conscious lyrics and vocal samples from comedians, scholars and researchers.
Remember folks, whenever you hear "climate change" think climate engineering or manipulation.
Scarcity-based mind control is very real and in full effect with the vice getting tighter and things becoming more expensive. manufactured droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, oil shortages, and plenty of fake ass clouds.. it goes beyond harp and chemtrails and nexrad.. to much to mention in this vid

This video was constructed around my environmentally friendly hip hop mix with an enormous collage of some of the best and intriguing environmental images and videos i could find..
This music is not what most of you will suspect when judging this book by its cover, for it’s not a mix of jolly tree hugging serenades.. My angles are more of a reality check with satirical social commentary for today’s complicated and confusing times as politics and corporatocracy stagnates and prevents any real progression as we near the tipping point.. or what i prefer to say, a paradigm shift! of the archaic failed systems of society that have degraded the earths' environments at alarming rates and unconscious levels..
“climate change” is just one of the many ways in which "the powers that wish they’d be” tries to manipulate and control us thru their Hegelian dialectics.. The carbon tax fraud is pretty well explained in the documentary The Crisis of Civilization. The whole climate debate seems to divide people more than anything, so educate yourselves using discernment- each one teach one!
Who wants to live in a world where electricity is FREE and produced from non toxic substances?!

Save.OUr.Planet. - s.o.u.p. music intro - Bicasso x Anacron
Sunshine - Mystik Journeymen
Children Play With Earth - Arrested Development
Rivers Run Dry - The Grouch & Eligh
The Metaphysics of suppressed alternative energy - Scienz of Life x David Wilcock & Max Igan exclusive mashup
Birth Right First - Mayhem Mystics
Mushroom Corals -solar & wind dub - Nite N Dae x Dialogue from the video Alternate Energy Sources --exclusive mashup
New Pollution recycling program - Beck x Simpsons -exclusive mashup
Pen's Oil - Busdriver & Radioinactive & Daedelus
Poisoned Monkey Debate - Mr. Burns vs Lisa
The Man Who Sold the World - Living Legends
The Earth as Carlin sees it - Rass Kass x George Carlin + mr. dear future generations exclusive mashup
Environmental snippet sessions - D Rok
New World Water - Mos Def
Animal Planet - Gza
Two-minute Warning - Paradise
Powers Of Nature Outro - DJ Bizarro
She Got Burned - Forrest Fire Collective
Earth Crisis - Steel Pulse
the abusing of the rib - Atmosphere
The earthly causes and effects of destructive engagements - D Rok
Mothernature - Bicasso ft. Eligh
Black Gold - Mayhem Mystics
Tree Huggin’ - Luckyiam PSC = Pushing Suckas’ Consciousness --to the next level
Solo -Underwater- - Shape of Broad Minds ft. Deborah Jordan
Gaïa’s elevating vibrations outro - Max Igan from his highly recommended films “The Awakening” and “The Calling”


She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying For.

The Crisis of Civilization - Full Documentary Movie HD

Save Our World

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know - Nikola Tesla

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha
Very powerful video!!
Earth’s Precious Resources


The Lie We Live

Environment and pollution

Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived
(I know why Mars really died tho)

Animals in Epic Slow Motion Compilation Full HD
BBC Images

How Our Future Would Have Been With Tesla Tech

Max Igan - The Calling

Torus Fun (Sacred Geometry with ieoie)

Recommended videos to get a clearer picture:
Planned Obsolescence, The Crisis of Civilization, THRIVE, The Quickening, What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change.. Take what's good & leave the rest- it's hard to come by a documentary that didn't fall for some of the greenwashing..

Book recommendation: Behind The Green Mask By Rosa Koire, Under An Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland, Dirty Electricity by ??, The Invisible Rainbow - Arthur Firstenberg

Broadcasting from La Ciotat


This is not the new age bs pseudo spiritual habitual fairy-telling ritual. in order for us to ascend, we do it here together as a human species with mother earth, aka Gaïa.. and we are so far from making that happen that it makes these rumors of mass awakenings melancholically laughable.. It's 2019 and there's over 7 billion human beings breaking Natural Law and everyone is more or less mentally, financially, governmentally, technocratically, oligarchically, and jurisdictionally enslaved. No doom and gloom, i'm just stating the state of the human condition objectively.. my opinion is that we can flip the scrip pretty quick, or pretty slow, it all depends on how efficient awareness spreads and how we respond and unite. it's time to surrender your bullshit ladies and gentlemen, so that we can finally do something and be the one's who strike back- not the empire.. and this goes well beyond 3D as well- much more elaborate than the limited, yet great movie saga allegory in Star Wars.

the only way we can truly ascend is by making the darkness conscious, rising together as a collective with the planet.. The only way to come as 1 is for everyone to set their moral compasses on Natural Law, which can be a fulcrum to a critical mass population empowered with knowledge of self, healed & deprogrammed minds and egos, occult science, rectified universal truth and courage. And of course, action!
people talk about 5D & stuff , which is interesting, but WHY are we here now in the 3D physical realm?.. what about 4D? so much to do, learn and resolve here... and some people just want to escape it and elevate to a higher density?.. leave it all behind, it's your free will choice if you want.. there are people yearning for this who don't even fully understand themselves let alone activated their rudimentary chakra templates, which needs to be transcended beyond its limitations to "ascend" beyond that energy field.. i used to be caught up in that for a minute before realizing those false light paths.. but what i feel more appropriate is moving this realm towards those higher densities.. some say we're already in 4D more or less.. this could be true, but there are fragments in the collective consciousness that are struggling and suffering with lower dimensional lessons who seem to be in 2D thoughts and behaviors.. throw on the occult priest class nefariously wreaking havoc upon all life on earth full of order followers, and things don't seem so 4D peachy now do they? then add on the over arching archonic manipulations and distortions on the astral and ethereal levels, and we see that even aspects of fibonacci sequence and sacred geometry are not the true codes of creative force.. these things have been hijacked, counterfeited and sold back to us to be bound by for eons..

This mix will hearken towards individual and collective efforts and experiences involved in this so-called ascension process.. People think it's going to be some kind of event, naw

reshuffled, reconsidered, and remastered in 432Hz.
This is a remake of a previous mix titled Conscientious Consciousness.. it's getting too redundant putting "conscious" in the title of these albums all the time, haha.. This is a beautiful arrangement of songs that'll spark some spiritual inspiration

funny to think around the turn of the millennium, we used to always refer to conscious hip hop as "abstract hip hop" or even backpacker music.. And the more low-fi jazzy stuff seems to have been clowned around as if it's elevator music.. haha, i still get accused of listening to elevator music but it’s all good- one day they might understand it’s actually elevation music.. never needed 130 bpms to get me going..

This mix (unknowingly at the time) was a pre-curser to the JazzyHipHopSoulVibes series
blending in some other sounds outside of hiphop, adding depth and diversity to the spiritually soulful vibes with jazzhop as the foundation.. i'm infatuated with the 90's early 2000's hip hop jazz samples that it may be apparent that you don't hear a lot of new music on this channel.. but besides the fact that the values and truthful sentiments echoed from decades past still resonates profoundly relevant today, the style of rapping was also different and more humble.. today i hear too many artists overly hyped, posturing, acting like a know it all with some slick word play, etc.. it's not like i hate all that stuff, but the bottom line is this "cool factor" is prevalent in so many aspects of music, it disgusts me when there's little to nothing cool about ignorance and being under mind control- no matter what degree of it there is.. Lack of real knowledge while acting like you know something cuz society taught and programmed you think and behave certain ways is not cool and it's off base to reality and Natural Law. just some thoughts from a conscientious consciousness who cares


Meditation Intro - EVS
Aim High - Panacea
Montego Slay - People Under The Stairs
Open 'Em Up - Azeem
Happiness - Dead Prez
Hope - Fat Freddy's Drop
Lifesize Puzzle - Eligh ft. Scarub
Celestial - Elusive ft. Josh Koslow on Trumpet
No Stess - Murs (3MG)
Reseda - Gwizski
If You Knew My Mind - Colossus ft. Simeon
Space and Time - Guitar Red
Six Nine - Skylab
Wisest Man (Universal Law Re-Fix) - Uncle Lush (The homie from Brotherz Grimm) x Guts x Manly P Hall
No Matter The Space & Time - O-Maya ft. Destiny Wolf
Day One - Blackalicious
Thieves In The Night - Black Star
The E.N.D. - The Pharcyde
Tree of Life - Bizarro, PSC & BFAP
Savin My Life - Audiopharmacy
Maintenant Ou Jamais - Diferent Teep
The Afterlife - The Grouch
Recollect (OutroMental) - Example


This batch of conscious mystic hiphop encounters the lost paths of humanity in a way that provides a mirror to the social issues going on and exposes the drifting of consciousness away from the higher paths of morality and truth.. In order to fix the riddled underlying problems of today, we need to figure out how it got this bad.. kinda like if u don't know where you're from, you don't know where you're going.

as we journey along the lost paths of consciousness, we do so to get a better idea and overstanding of ourselves as a collective in this human experience.. these are the dark paths and they will stay dark for future generations until we shine light on it and learn from our mistakes and downfalls.. if we don't face the darkness, it will grow and the cycles repeat, whether on the macro or microcosm in this human odyssey.. nothing's really going to significantly change until each one of us find the change within first- then manifests that change for the greater good for all... study you own paths, create new ones, be weary of the paths that have been laid out for you by society and trail blaze your way to higher realms of consciousness.. you are your own savior- no politician or world leader is going to do that for you- keep it true

second edition to the hiphop mysterium series


Lost The Way - Wax Tailor
Lies Persist [Live Mixture] - Kaotic Souls
Revival - Beyond Reality
Reflection of Our Times - No iLLusions
Episodes - The Roots
Things I've Seen - Spooks
- Outkast
I Am My Brother's Keeper - Kane & Abel
Picture This - Apani Be Fly MC
In Between Kingdoms - CYNE
MindFuck (A New Equation) - The Coup
Lost Intermission
The Winter Of The Long Hot Summer - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
Clear The State - Eye Cue & Rashinel
Condition of Fiction - El*A*Kwents
Questions - One Be Lo ft. Abdus Salaam & Charmaine Gibson
L'homme Qui Ne Valait Pas Dix Centimes - Doc Gynéco
Here on Earth - Tohssant Aki
I'm Offended - Audiopharmacy
Really Offended - Max Igan x DJ Drez
Rant (Hot in Here) - Ursula Rucker ft. Younglao
People Keep Movin' - Mums The Word ft. LMNO
Interpretations - G & E ft. Toons & Pep Love
Chief - Nite N Dae
Who Gives You The Right - The B.U.M.S.
BAH - Fundamentals
Analyctical Terms - EVS ft. Mane One
Renegade 2.0 - Piro Syklone
Got more Soul on the Bottom of my Shoes - Subtle Brothers
The Secret Window - Kruse
Let's Get Wit It - Jneiro Jarel ft....

Let's Find Our Way


Enjoy this massive majestic musical journey in the hip hop imaginarium full of inciting lyrics, sounds and impressions.. a mixture of abstraction, mysticism, consciousness, and dimensions of thought evoked from the imagination of these artists.. The I Magi Nation, the nation, or collective of magicians working in the seen and unseen realms to transform this world of deception into the original earth timeline that humanity was stripped and lead away from eons ago. Magi, meaning magician- the true magician, which has nothing to do with street, circus or theatrical magic.. The true magician is benevolent by using their skills for the benefit of the greater good- anything to the contrary is sorcery or dark magick.

The Magi in the tarot represents someone working on themselves with the forces of creation, studying, understanding, and applying/aligning to the hidden laws of nature (Natural Law), and bridging the higher and lower realms within themselves and the physical domain, which is why he is usually represented by having one hand pointing up and the other down with the four elements on the table at their disposal.. As above, so below.

i want to also briefly mention some things about the magic-mind state of consciousness..
it's like being in the fulcrum of your true soul essence with the higher self integrated, multidimensional quantum thoughts sparking off the crown chakra type of moments.. things that you are creating in that moment are of a higher quality, whether it be ideas, crafts, music, etc.. You are in tune with creator source to a significant degree.. things manifest and synchronize in a more orderly and timely manner according to the intentions set forth.. I've had moments in this state and it is very empowering to say the least.

I suppose i've always considered music as a form of magic, even beyond the enchantment, inspiration and the whole spectrum of emotions that can be provoked from it all.. it's ineffable to describe really..

connecting this to my previous release, The Universal Forces of Nature, the magician uses these forces, the elements of the earth, etc, with his free will to create things for the betterment of personal and others' benefits and progression of the quality of life. this is aligned to the work of the alchemist in turning lead-based consciousness into gold.
alchemy and high magic is about making the darkness conscious.. transmuting chaos, disorder, dillusions, ignorance and distortions into harmony, balance, order, reconciliation, empowerment, clarity, unity

By in large, this project is made to inspire the listener into higher frequencies of ideas and imagination, like most of the work done on this channel.. Mixes that relate to this are: the mystik journey of the wanderers, Native Souls, Forces of Nature, journey of Ascension, Hermetically Sealed Hip Hop

we also need to be aware of the dark magic/sorcery that is being used against us individually and collectively on a multitude of levels.. using your imagination to generate a better world for yourself and others.. How do you imagine yourself in optimal health, conditions, liberty, state of mind, etc?

The type of magic that interests me the most are the techniques in turning ignorance into awareness, making the darkness conscious and activating your true soul essence to achieve higher levels of spiritual evolution.


Imaginarium - L'Roneous
The Enchanted - CMA
These Lions - Abstract Tribe Unique
喜怒哀楽 - DJ Yas
Fantasias - Bicasso ft. Nebulus & N8 The Gr8
L.I.F.E. (Living Inner Freedom Eternally) - Kalki
Science of A New Time - Goddess Alchemy Project
Infinite Potential - ATMA
Track 12 - Bay Area Art Collective
Welcome to My World - Mind Mechanics
The Dark Horse - Nu Vision Project
The Formula is Abstract - Formula Abstract
High Fidelity - Offwhyte
Rebel Sound - Eligh & Magi
Brilliantaire - Killah Priest
Nautilus - 3 Melancholy Gypsys/ Bob James
Album Intro - Nas
Sorcerers - KMD & Scienz of Life
High Sorcery - Fundamentals ft. Bas-1
Fantasy Orbs - 4 Months & Realistikk
Non-Titled - Per Aa Ra
Untitled B9 - Elusive
Warrior Poet - Pep Love
Whisperring Voices - Acid Reign
Godly Intellect - Ka Zodiak
Innerlight Freestyle - ??
Intermission Elixir
13th Month (snippet) - Phoenix Orion
Cresent Moons - Acheeka
Alkemy - Darkleaf
Imagination - Bizarro ft. Nebulus
Ballad pt. 1 - King Koncepts ft. Evil East
Gates of Eternia - Mystik Journeymen
New Moon Jargon - New Moon
Revealancient - Kaotic Souls
How Come? - Spirit Of Love Movement
RÁN - Blodbylgje x Michal Tsarion

All other vocal audio inserts throughout this mix are from Sethikus Boza of Black Earth Productionz. This mix was largely inspired by him, so much love and respect to that man..

Can u feel the magic?


The journey of self, from the womb to the tomb as the saying goes.. this starts pre-conception, meaning the soul consciousness realizing its separation from singularity, or in a realm close, and entering a lower density of awareness and vibration enshrined with a veil and ego for their current incarnation on a lovely, but humanly corrupted planet called Gaïa, or Earth..
Many incarnates have been here before in previous life cycles, but I'm sure there's a bunch among us here for the first time.. Beyond the veil is key in understanding the essence of our consciousness and higher self.. i digress, i know.. so, the journey of self, with the goal of living the dream while awake or waking up within the game if you will.. a being born with free will btw, which is under attack the moment it is born.. A lot of this life is about discovery, realization and the unlearning of the distorted truths that have been propagated on earth before antiquity (i like to refer that unlearning process as the Apophatic Inquiry).

My ideal vision of a real journey of self is for one to find peace, knowledge and true love within themselves and evoke that outwardly as a part of the progression of human evolution in consciousness. Unfortunately, the materialistic journey of self has been constructed through socially engineering left or right brain imbalance, confusion, obfuscation, cognitive dissonance and tacit consent of slavery.. The Mystic Journey of Self is how one goes about life as a student in an interactive classroom called reality.. Being able to become aware and apply the visual and hidden Laws of Nature to themselves as they progress through the trials and tribulations of everyday life that they are subjected to and how cause and effect work along side the law of correspondence.. there's an inkling that there's more to life and dimensions beyond this reality, which may lead to further investigation..

About the album artwork- respect to who created it, which i don't know who that is unfortunately.. My interpretation is the divine feminine wandering on the path of life trusting the guidance of intuition, fueled by a rather fearless curiosity.. Unclothed, showing purity, yet vulnerability which demonstrates courage.. If one walks alone in the darkness of ignorance holding the light of the naked truth, they better have some courage.. it's like a jungle sometimes.. doesn't it make you wonder?


Regeneration - Twilight ft. Sundiata
P(rays) The Sun - Per Aa Ra
Re-Birth - an artist from The Peanut Gallery Network
Earthlings - Macklemore
The Gate - El*A*Kwents
I Am Myself - Raw Produce Feat. Mr. Lif
True Self - Subtle Brothers
Left Behind - Thawfor
Path To Rhythm - Bahamadia ft.Ursula Rucker
Jungle Abyss - Esoin ft. Dem-1
Black Man On Track - Jungle Brothers
Planetary Supplement - Audiopharmacy
I Can't Complain - Aceyalone
Pops Said - Panacea
Reflections - Pep Love
The Mirror - Eyecue
No Place to Run - Jewels Hunter

So where do we go from here and where is here? Take a deep, wide look around to understand the here and now.. do you see the mechanisms of the control system? Do you see the results and effects of social engineering? Do you see the differences between right and wrong actions & behaviors on the micro & macro levels? Have you sensed and deprogrammed from the mind control techniques? This mix travels along these sentiments in emergence of a sense of purpose and direction for us individually and as a whole. Can we figure out where we go from here without knowing how we got here in the present time? Can we solve a complex global problem without understanding or confronting the causal factors? No promises on the answers to this listening here, altho it's meant to stimulate your imagination and thought process on solutions and the right directions of where we, as a culture, society, species, should go from here in this current human condition.
There is over-anticipation, fears and feelings of inevitability of a dystopian type of future among way too many people- heavily encouraged by movies and the media btw.. the desires, ideas and sentiments for a utopian kind of future is much less rambunctious and ultimately clear and universally understood.. due to a lot of difference in opinion, levels of understanding, feelings of making their own oyster of a collective movement, factoring in ego and the criminal kakistocracy/occultocracy.. we cannot move forward until we address and correct theses problems.. however, any & all our problems have solutions regardless, this is a law of creation- understand the Hermetic Principles (Natural Law) of Mentalism, Correspondence, Polarity, Vibration, Rhythm, Gender, Cause & Effect, and the encompassing Generative principle of Care- what are you paying attention to? your energy, time and focus towards? what do you ultimately Care about and have Compassion for? Control your mind body spirit & destiny!

We do, however (applies to the individual and humanity as a whole), need to look to the past to learn from the mistakes made.. if we don't learn from those mistakes, suffering, negativity or unconsciousness, the cycle will repeat until the lessons are learned and corrected- this is a wonderful gift of natural/universal law (cause and effect).. Altho i've experienced heaven on earth, therefore my worldview is not pessimistic, but to be realistic, humanity is still continuing a hell cycle and we need to figure out where we went wrong so we can address and correct them in order to steer this world in the right direction before the end of this cycle comes to a close and judgement be given and the harvest of seeds sown..

I'll just leave it at that.. Status incomplete with future projects following up this mystic journey such as: Finding the Lost Paths of Righteousness, Soul Searching, Crossroads of Consciousness, Native Souls, with other Destinations Unknown to follow.. so please stay tuned and pop in to see what's new every now and then, and even tell a friend cuz this channel gets by thanks to word of mouth, the good old world-wide underground fashion way..

Code Rode - Fundamentals
Fighting (snippet) - Goodie Mobb
Torn - Abstract Rude
Pathways - Very ft. Tim Sears?
Done By The Forces of Nature - Jungle Brothers
The Ark - Icons
Preparation - Beyond
Arisen - Audiopharmacy
Journey of the Fish - Nite N Dae
Mystic City - Killah Priest
Where Will You Be? - CunninLynguists
Make it Betta - The Angel ft. Trey Hardson
Where R We 2 Go- Sunspot Jonz ft. Arata
Poppa's Song - G & D
Keep Talking - Pink Floyd
Lack of Comprehension - The Mystics
Keep it Beautiful - Shock G
Depression snippet - Funsho
Secret Mission (Danger In Sector 1) - Mystik Journeymen
Where They Come From - K.I.T.S. 'N' P.I.T.S
Where is the Safe Harbour - Montags Dust ft.
Dieu Ait Son Âme - MC Solaar
What Were We Looking For - Atmosphere
What You Here For? - Jewels Hunter
Which Way Do I Go - Esoin The Esoteric Being
The Way My Life Seems Prince Paul ft. Black Ice, Fat Lip, Tre
Embers - CYNE
Outro - DJ Bizarro

vocal snippets taken from Manly P Hall, Alan Watts, Mark Passio, Max Igan, David Icke & Benny Wills (Joy Camp)


Welcome to the B sides in video format to a previous project: Mystic Esoteric Manuscripts
Disclaimer: viewer discernment advised.. as with anything really, but there is some misinformation or misunderstandings of certain concepts or facts presented in some of these videos.. My apologies for the distortions and some of the images that will create negative reactions, especially offending people who do not understand what certain symbols or concepts mean and actually represent, such as the star of David: referenced throughout more or less, in this is context, it's pertaining to the zionists & dark occultists who created the puppet state of Is-Ra-El.. it is not anti-semetic to expose these people for é quick reasons: one, these rothschild zionists are not even Semitic. two, this is the control system we are talking about, not actual jewish people and their religion..

The other thing to keep in mind when hearing freemasons and illuminati: it's important to know there are both light and dark sides to these groups/concepts, obviously in this video series, we are talking about the dark masons (they are not even "free"masons) and dark illuminati.. i can consider myself illuminati since i am an enlightened one- fortunately for the positive cause of service to truth and others.. Believe me that doesn't boost my ego, it puts more responsibility on me to help enlighten others.. due to the misuse of people compartmentalizing the "powers that shouldn't be" and their puppets all as illuminati isn't labeling individuals all that accurately and can make them seem more intimidating and powerful than they actually are.. all these categories of manipulators and categorizing them can create distraction, so pay attention to what you're paying attention to ;)

Amidst all these negative issues presented, there is inspiration and motivation provoking upliftment and solutions.. ideas on how to solve these problems normally come to mind naturally if the right attention is being payed by understanding how some of these things work and how the controllers operate.. This is supposed to be empowering, for the truth shall set you free, although you have the free will to react however you wish to the info shown and what you listen to, just keep in mind that emotional reactions are logical fallacies.. the truth shall set you free, sure, but it'll piss you off first- the good thing to do in this case, like i did, is transmute and use that energy and conviction to propel you to do something positive in yourself and in the world for the better.. the more effective way to go about this is the trivium method step by step- getting KNOWLEDGE, fully UNDERSTANDING, then using your WISDOM to put it into action

Mixes like these offer many keys, solutions and insight, but this is to wet the appetite if you're not really familiar with this material

TRACKLIST & CREDITS in order of appearance
this is a collage of other artists' music videos- all credit goes to them..

One of those conscious hiphop creations intrigued by the kind with a mystic mind.. Those who speak of our situation a little more esoterically and also quite direct with their messages as well as their accounts on their journeys on earth. every artist featured in this is not what i consider the following to be.. Most, if not all touch on some golden nuggets of truth and some of the ways of the wanderer.. Wandering the land with the mic in hand

What's my take on wanderers?? Let's see, they have incarnated into this earthly plane at certain moments in time to help humanity wake up and raise their consciousness.. they are mostly born with a thinner veil to the true existence of reality, way beyond this dimension.. it might come later in life after the growing pains, or maybe a wanderer might not ever understand their earthly duties within their incarnation.. c'est la vie.. anyone can become lost within the density of this realm and not find their true paths in their lifetime, stuck in the lower vibrational patterns, not able to see the light and potential of their presence here on earth..
with that said, if i considered myself to be a wanderer, i might be doing myself a disservice.. there is tremendous responsibility of wanderers and it can be a lonely plight. But their mission(s) here on earth transcend the need to feel that downside to their situations.. They know this lifetime is a temporary journey until they return fully back to source.. they are, for the most part, quite in tune with their higher selves ..

As far as wanderers in hiphop go, these brave souls seemed to have sacrificed some things to spread the messages of truth through music.. whether they wander the planes and terrains of the earth like a vagabond or stay settled in a fixed area, their music has traveled many lands and touched upon many minds.. seems like their main motivation is their discontent with the ways of the world and the world of hiphop that got tainted by wack unintelligent emcees and corporations.. and they have very valid reasons to feel that way and try to wake people up to all this..

here's a really interesting article that can be like a gateway for even more info about wanderers, what they're really about and why they are here at this moment in time..
It mentions a great read, The Law Of One, where the true identity and purpose of wanderers is described..

this mix scratches the surface, but as always, we gotta dig deeper (within and exterior) to fully understand the true meanings of things, regardless of the subject- the most important one being what your real purpose of this incarnation here on earth is..

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ Tracklist ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞
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well now, what do we have here?
A new series diving deep into the mystical depths of human consciousness?! haha, something like that.. No real theme in this one, this mix is a preview or intro for what's to come that begins to scratch the surface.. Overall, this series is about how humanity has lost its way and is trying to find the higher paths of consciousness & societal values, whether individually or collectively.. To make a change for the better, we need to dig down deep and face the worst, the fears and the negativity in order to heal and solve those root problems & issues.. I'll bet that the average individual will find the hardest thing to do in life is to face themselves and reconnect to their higher selves in order to dissolve the competition within.. Wouldn't it be cool if we could control our egos so that we can optimally operate from our hearts and clear minds and actually genuinely interact and help out our fellow brothers and sisters as we journey on this earth? A reoccurring notion is going to be that we need to know where we came from (knowledge of self, true understanding of history, etc) in order to control our destiny into the paths of where it's best to go from here.. I'm no expert, i don't have all the answers, but some ideas of where we could go from here is optimistic: free energy, legal cannabis, healthy well fed human beings in a world of plenty for all, higher vibrations, activated dormant DNA, ascension, you name it.. A WORLD WIDE EVENT OF THE FULL DISCLOSURE OF THE AGE OF DECEIT AND ERADICATION OF ALL CULPRITS & ACCOMPLICES INVOLVED.. is that asking for too much?

"When each individual embarks upon the spiritual journey, there is a time when the seeds of seeking are tender and young and need to be guarded carefully and in private. This is usually known instinctively by seekers. They feel fragile and indeed they are fragile as very small children are fragile, unable to defend themselves within the new life and environment of seeking. As the seeker pursues the journey, however, there is another stage which might be called that of adolescence, spiritually speaking. The seeker has become excited by the power and mystery of the excellence of the path and is often on fire with the desire to share with others the awakening which he may have had."

the track selecting formula for this mix goes something like this: more instrumentals; melodies range from dark, downtempo, boom bap, psychedelic, and uplifting.. still trying to leave a lil french hip hop in there, or other languages- yea i understand french, but music is a universal language anyway.. always keeping some female presence for that divine balance.. High lyrical content without much filler, but that's a given at this point.. and yes, i'm fully aware this might come off as biting the style or name from The Mystik Journeymen.. These hometown 4trak heroes are a big inspiration for me no doubt.. This series will not revolve around them and their music, but

Time is of the essence: a mix of hip hop tracks sifting through the hourglass into the mysterious concept of time.. the sands of time go by regardless of what we do, all we have is the choices of what kind of experiences we want to fill our time with..
Time is of the essence
To learn life's lessons
To quit your stressn
And attune to your divine presence
recognize when the clock strikes 11:11

Have you felt time quickening within yourself or the world around you recently? This mix is kind of about that, kind of a wake up call and a lil reminder that the clock is ticking on the state of the world as it is right now in 2016.. this one was made in timely fashion to musically motivate anyone listening to recognize what time it is in the world and within ourselves.. the time is always now, for some it's too expensive to waste, but i don't like the notion that time is money- pertaining to that monetary motivation capitalistic creation.. it's been extremely past time for some real changes to be made and for the people to refuse the banking and political sherades and take it upon ourselves to not get played- remember it's by our taxes that gov't officials are paid, so technically we own them, but somehow we're the modern day slaves..

this mix is also the cornerstone of a series of mixes i'm calling hip hop time capsuls for the moment.. i have 10 playlists on the back burners all revolving around "time" that shouldn't sound too redundant.. so this is #1.. Enjoy and thanx for taking any time out to have a listen!


Time is of the Essence for a homemade intro to let y'all know what time it is - D Rok (AwakenYaMind)
Time Invested Interlude - Factor ft. Muneshine
Afterdark.. Topic:life - Semiotics
Time (Freestyle) - Pink Floyd x Lucy x DJ Ztrip Ft. Gift Of Gab
Its About Time - The Unspoken Heard
Time Is The Essence - Eligh ft. PSC, Asop, Bicasso & Arata
The Grandfather Clock - Aceyalone & Mumbles
Seaweed - Saul Williams
Midnight in A Perfect World (Gab Mix) - DJ Shadow
A Better Tomorrow - Dan The Automator x riddles with Bilbo & Gollum
Time Will Tell - Leaders of the New School***
A Beetle Descending - Scarub
That Swang - Opoetik
Timelines - OneBeLo ft. alotta cats
Whirlwinds remix - Colossus Feat. Capitol A
Sign of the Times - Deep Fried Funk Brothers (the CUF)
The Sign - Nujabes ft. Pase Rock
Apoc - Renaissance Undone
Speak The Language Feat. Lizz Fields - Jazz Liberatorz x The Essence
I Just Wanna Lay Around All Day...(snippet) - The Coup x Morgan Freeman
Time Flows Constantly - Konceptual Dominance
Outro - t

*** haha, i love Busta's old group.. their album title and what they refer to a lot is T.I.M.E. - The Inner Mind's Eye.. obviously worked well in my 3rd eye mix, but i like this acronym, so i had my own lil twist to it: T.I.M.E. - The Inner Mastery of Eternity.. doesn't make much sense right? i'm referring to bridging the gap between our 3D selves and our Higher Selves (time/space & space/time).. time is rather unique

Topics within this conscious hip hip mix about these present (&past) times include terrorism, materialism, racism, false flag events, wake up calls, freedom, politics, corruption, & the treadmill lifestyle that robs people of time and energy for their own lives..

regarding the recent events in Dallas, orlando, pAris & Nice, there have been many programmed responses that were expected and designed by the (non-muslim) groups behind the false flag events (the one's controlling the "terror networks" behind the scenes- not the people on the ground committing these unconscious acts).. Gun control, Islamophobia, racism- black vs white, citizens vs cops, and of course, fear and instability.. Just to name a few.. Think this is some bs? Take the time to do some thorough research behind these events, you'll understand in time, but i advise great discernment, for there's psy-ops and disinformation agents within & outside the "truth movement" and alternative media...

The time is now to...
Stop slacking/swagging off and take control of our minds and lives.. be non-compliant to the machine that's driving humanity and the planet into further degradation.. clean out all the seats in the senate/congress/white house- especially lobbyists... dismantle the whole corrupt 2-sides-of-the-same-coin political system and restore the country by the people for the people.. realize we cannot expect to see america great again from these candidates, nor under the same manipulative state of affairs.

the time is now to do a lot of things, for one, we can stop participating in this monetary machine within the eccocidical corporatocracy cacamony we're living in..

How far do the hands of your time extend?

surely the "time is now" to have fun, spread love and all those positive vibes too.. but if we don't take the time now to turn things around with the state of the world its in, we might not have much of a bright future to look forward to..

Currently I'm having a hard time balancing my limited free time.. So my mind is working overtime despite being sleep deprived- fading into lucid dreaming of when the sheep will rise..

With limited time alloted i find rhymes to be spotted with ideas that are jotted before they're forgotten

Oh boy, plenty of cuts in this blend- it'll take quite some time to mention all the artists incorporated and if i leave them out I'm sorry but i still got mad respect for all the cats i draw inspiration from.. Mixed with virtual dj so i appologize if some of the skratches and sounds come off wack or generic- i was scratching my head a few times listening to this.. But it is what it is and i'm still experimenting with different techniques- no budget style with limited software and skillz, but the intentions are magnanimous..
on to the titles:::

A time consuming overthetop intro - D Rok snippets
It's Time (feat. Zion-I) - Latyrx
Huevos With Jeff and Roni ft. Mr Lif - Prefuse 73
Nation Time....

a mix of some snooze button crushing sounds about life and the true nature of what's going on with a good new-fashioned wake up call.
A call to what exactly? Waking up the inner hunger for knowledge of the truth about our current time space continuum within this earth realm of the 3rd dimension while at the same time gaining true knowledge of self & connecting to source?.. a call to wake up and realize our divine reasons for being here in this present time and to orient ourselves to that, thus we stop wasting time on frivolous activities and mindstates? something like that....

time is a human concept, therefore humans can control time right? Haha, possibly, but to most it serves as a tool of measurement.. and who's controlling time at this point in time? Or better put, who's controlling this time period of oligarchic techno/corporatocracy? I know it ain't us benevolent folk, but if we pass thru the times of our lives not being aware to the control mechanisms, or support them, conform to them, and/or comply with them, then we can only blame ourselves in the end.. right? If we are passive and acquiescent to the dark forces then we are not awake within our higher IAM state and we are letting the darkness flourish due to our ignorance, like a virus within the body that one ignores to heal which lets that virus grow.. have you truly had that time in your life where you feel fully awake, empowered and ready to overcome any adversity that's been degrading our human experiences here on earth?

Wake up and realize? To what exactly? Maybe only time will tell since everyone has their own awakening processes. What resonates with you in this mix?

Designed to help see the bigger picture of the state of affairs in the world as well as the bigger picture within ourselves.. a very healthy practice is to re-evaluate what we think we know- as well as our daily habits and attitudes.

album artwork borrowed and edited from: Kathleen Patrick, titled time is of the essence


Snooze Button Crusher Intro - D Rok
Sound is light - El*A*Kwentz
Time - Rifleman ft. Monique Preyer
Not Satisfied - J-Live
Time Capsule (feat. Steph) - Mr. SOS
Get You Mind Right - Belief x George Carlin
Battlefield Conundrum - King Koncepts x Bill Cooper
...More Snippets - Various Artists
When The Day Comes - Per Aa Ra vs. Beyond Reality
Moonlight Hunt - Beyond Reality vs. Mumbles
Savage Intelligence (Remix) - Konceptual Dominance
Time - Mr. Brady
Time - Pasha
Pressed 4 Time - Mystic Journeymen ft. Young Murs
R.A.T. (Race Against Time) - Blackbird
What a World - Asop
A Call To Arms - Castro, Silas Blak, Kylea, Specs, Wise Proof
..Encore of Snippets - Various Artists
IcyKal - It"s That Time
Time - Edwin Starr
another round of snippets - various artists
Who's Keeping Time - Xololanxinxo, Darkleaf, Rakaa-Iriscience, St. Mark 9:23
Change - Spooks
Piro Syklone - White Flag
Self Song - Bicasso
Slacker - EVS
Situation Critical - Yirim Seck, Monk- Wordsmith, Tom Gray
Time Is Of The Essence - K-Don
Twenty Four - The Profoun Poet
Recognise And Realise - Us3
Two-minute Warning - Paradise
To The Sleepers - Elements Of Change
snippet ragout - various
Signs Of Light - Zion I
Time Travelin' Reprise - Common ft. ?

Thanks for listening
spend you time wisely, awake and aware my friends
Broadcasting from La Ciotat

various Hip Hop to help keep your mind in align while you're steady on the grind.

Started to gather songs in this time capsule series when i was working 70+ hrs a week 7 days & nights all summer long which took up the majority of all my free time and any spair time was used up for necessities if i even had the energy to gettem done.. i barely had energy or time for anything it seemed and i also felt out of sync with my spiritual side with a lower vibration sort to speak.. i'll take responsibility for a lot of that due to the fact i was bartending and, well, drinking everyday became part of the job, which ran me ragged towards the end.. just trying to stay up to date with so much that happened in 2016 had me nauseous at times due to an info overload and no real time to fully analyze and digest it all.. which can be frustrating to not be able to form a good mature opinion about specific things, but i digress.. i truly felt outta time outta mind try'n to run around and beat the clock in between work shifts, which is the main idea behind this musical project..

I wrote that to put this mix in perspective- it's not about me, but rather the countless number of people in similar situations that are suspended in this miasma of cycles, compromises and constraints of time within the rat race known as life in this monetary society that the world has become.

We did not reincarnate into this time/space reality to be indoctrinated for 15+ years of school preparing us to work 40+ hrs a week, plopping in front of the tv during work nights and maybe go fishing on the weekend.. we are not defined by our work, but rather our art of life, our contributions to our environment and our enrichment of direct experiences through time..


Intro - Alcatraz Session Headnodic Remix - Nick Andre & E Da Boss
Stir Things (snippet) - They Made Monsters
Time outta mind snippets - various
The hour glass effect - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra & Ohmega Watts
Stop Messin With The Crack - Bay Area Art Collective
Rivers Of Gold - Kemetic Suns
Pain on Paper - Pride City Purpose
Reflection - The Profoun Poet
A Peace of Tyme - EVS, Administer, Maleko & Boob Toob
Stop The World - FundaMentals ft. Kirby Dominant
Regions - Latyrx
Time Precious Time - Jedi Knights Circle
Clockwork - Phrase
5 O'Clock ft. Phonte snippet - The Perceptionists
Clocked snippets - various
Suspended In Time - Group Home
Dept. of Hue-Man Resources - Hypnotic
The Process - Jazz Liberatorz ft. Apani B Fly
Watching Time - Jewels Hunter Feat. Kasi & Randy Hansen
Escape From Time (E.F.T) - Lacksi-Daisy-Cal ft. Mandy ---------I
Momentsofsilence - EVS ft. Raj I
That's what I Like - Mystik Journeymen 4
Lessons - Tommy V ft. ?? TRAK
Time And Space - Log Cabin Crew TIME

another installment to this complicated concept of the chronological conundrums of TIME
Something far out no doubt.. Into the labyrinths of time, bending perceptions of the mind.. Something of that kind.. we could be in some weird parallel reality on another timeline the way this year is making out to be some kinda funky twilight zone episode... did some mcfly sorta guy tamper with time travel that gave us this alternative biff tannon reality from an unprecedented ripple in the time space continuum? haha, time will tell in this oligarchic hell

With the album art in mind, we will be hearing some tracks that mention a lil about the shifting of processions and moving into the age of Aquarius, but still dragging along in the epoch of deception..


Sifting thru the Sands of the Time Odyssey
Time Capsule - Illogic ft. Aesop Rock & Vast Aire
Time - Thawfor
Pattern Traps - Eligh
Race for the Stars - New Moon
Time - Moonrocks
Recyclism - Azeem
La Piedra Del Sol - Hypnotic ft. King Koncepts
3rd Eye of the Storm (freestyle) - Son of Saturn
A Dried up Strange Fruit Pow Wow - Wax Tailor x Strange Fruit Project x Eclipse 427
A seaweed bike ride at midnight - Saul Williams x Pink Floyd x Gif of Gab
Lazarus - Jewels Hunter ft. Illogic
The Mask - Eric Truffaz
Courants d'Air - Grand Tourism feat. Terry Callier
Dimensions of Time - Skrill Nitty & CurtisC
Dimension Breach Interlude
The Update - Beastie Boys
Age Of Aquarius - Emanon
Le Hip Hop Mon Royaume - Rocca
Seasons - Freestyle Fellowship
Astrology (snippet) - Anacron
Birds & Bees - The Dereliks
Seasonstrange - Semiotics
Time - Constylations
Open Eyes - Tommy V ft. ??
Sitcalm - SQU!L
Chasin Time - Asop
Time Machine - Mystik Journeymen ft. Munk of Funk
Power of Myth - Bicasso

Broadcasting from La Ciotat

This is the place with a whole lotta bass in between cosmic soundscapes! The 6th installment of the Hip Hop Time Capsule mixtapes is intergalactic- this one's loaded with all kinds of hiphop artists bringing some sublime spaced-out sounds.. come along on this 5th dimensional hiphop rocket ship as we edge towards the brink of time/space & space/time.. what's the difference some might ask? varying vibrations of densities, the quantum view of linear and non-linear realms of consciousness, maybe just the difference between energetic frequencies.. you feelin' me? i meditate on these concepts frequently..

yo what's up to D Rok here to AwakenYaMind
tryn' to let y'all know about that 'ol space & time
as well as make y'all realize that we can't be waste'n time
but in the end that's up to u and i guess that's fine
just hope you get to where you're going in a place divine
stay up on that knowledge of self grind
let's overthrow this oligarchy that's got the world in a bind
dig deep into the problems for real solutions for us to find
but also enjoy life and remember, it's just a ride


Intro - spaced out time capsules
God's Rolex - Azeem
Left Behind snippet - Thawfor
If You c - DJ Premier - Mos Def
Time & Space - Us3
Time & Space (A New Referendum) - Digable Planets
Time Keeps On Slipping - Deltron & Automater ft.
A Mind on a Ship Through Time Interlude - Panacea & Cut Chemist
The Orient Express - Plado
Advventures - SunnMoonSekt
Its Yourz - DJ Cue
Fallen Stars - CYNE
Maintaining Izmatic Degrees - Izm Da Mad Soul
Time/Space Sonic Geometry: The Singularity Frequency
The Matrix snippet - PSC
Gravity In Terms Of Space-Time - Starscream
I Fold - Ayentee
Scream Phoenix (Timely Refix - Cannibal Ox + Uncle Lu$h (recorded with the homie in pAris spring 2017, mixed on a fast train headed to Marseille)
Time & Space - Dregs One & Equipto
Wireless 2012 - Part 2 x Manley P. Hall
Gravity - Siah And Yeshua Dapo ED
X-Zistance - Scarub ft. Knose & Praverb
Intro Shame Luv Tempo - Rubberoom
Present Tense Remix - King Koncepts
Celestrial Clockwork Interlude
So I Say - Karen Gibson Roc
Space & Time - $in $even (ft. KGR & HiiiBrid)
Time, Bass & Space - Mixede Practice
Sound Travels - Bored Stiff
Starship Utopia - CYNE
Bass & Time - Ancient Astronauts
Bring it Back Down - Eligh ft. John O'Kennedy on guitar
Feel Me - Ursula Rucker
Midnight in a Perfect World Outro
Mysteries of The Astral Light - TruthSeekah, ATMA, Rasul Allah & TrustOne
Aether - El*A*Kwentz

Arranged, Mixed & Produced by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind on 8/28/17 in La Ciotat, France

it's about that time for another mix that's all about time and how one spends it verses how one should use it a lil more wisely in the age of deceit.. time to face the clock, synchronize with it and realize it's an illusion at the same time..

So how do folks spend their time? usually not too intelligently at first but over time, they learn how to spend time wisely since time can be equated with money- depends how one "spends" it, which correlates to what they'll get in return, like if we use time to read a book, we gain knowledge, etc.. They might go thru phases where they feel suspended in time, as if it stands still and they have plenty of time to waste away, which in the long run will leave fruitless time wasted once time slips away. and when time slips away and one realizes how much time they wasted, feelings of remorse and regret might cloud over. those feelings gotta be dealt with and eradicated from the mind- all in good time. but the more awakened individual will be motivated to use whatever time remains to do something positive with it and be more efficient with their time.. instead of watching it, almost helplessly, slip away..

Thanks for spending some time listening to this, i know it's not short on the time length, but in this series of time capsules, there’s a mix for every number on the clock with a possible 13th hour if we even make it that far.. limited amount of mixes- too many songs to choose from.

Next mix will be 33 minutes shorter than this one ;)

Light Up My Intro - Factor
The Hourglass - Blackalicious
Time - Illogic
My Mind is Drifting - Dred Scott
Time Flies Like an Eagle - Biz Markie, Steve Miller Band, RBL Posse, Pete Rock
Time for George! (Carlin) - Sands Of Time / Vinia Mojica
Forever Song - Crown City Rockers
Take A Time Jazz Liberatorz ft. Buckshot
Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? - X-Clan
Tick, Tick... MF Doom ft MF Grimm
Time Will Tell - Dub Fx ft. Mr. Woodnote & Flower Fairy
Matter Of Time - Maroons
It's Time for Less Talk - Karen Gibson Roc
It's About That Time Pete Rock ft. Black Thought
Why Waste Time - Moka Only
Times Just Slippin Away (4 track tapes) - Bored Stiff
Sumthin Timely - Double Life
Gettin It Together - Ft. Lyrics Born
Never Ending Second DEMO - Piro Syklone
Intermission - frozen in time suspension
Time Travelin' (A Tribute To Fela) - Common
THIS Time - Suburban Prejudice
Namasté - Beastie Boys
The Piano Lesson - Mystik Journeymen
Movement - US Pros ft. Pariah
Poppin'Collarz W/ Baron Davis - Pasha
Secrets Of The Sand - MOOD
Suspension of time slippn into darkness - Acid Reign, Birdapres
Face The Clock - Shawn Lov
Time is Now snippet - The Profoun Poet
No Time To Waste - Smoke
Time For Us - Tekneek
Lost In Time snippet - TruthSeekah
Curious Electric - Jedi Knights Circle
Beyond Ya Time (My Experience) - Abstract Rude
Clock Murderer - Neila

Recorded in 432Hz
annoyed about my usage of the word time? i am too at this point, haha- peace out you pendulum swingers

Do you understand we are living in a fallen time matrix that is far from the organic earth timeline? even the time zones (think pangea), the 23° earth axis tilt, and the moon cycles didn't exist and have an influence on what we know as time today.. For there was no moon material to be placed within the earth's orbit before Maldek was tragically destroyed, where we still have those fragments of shattered consciousness drifting thru time space in the asteroid belt or fixated in the rings of saturn and the biggest piece as our moon by the dark factions who had a hand in its destruction. This is where we get the phantom saturn/moon matrix that has been harvesting souls in this solar system for eons. We need to pierce the veils of all these false overlays upon reality and ourselves. You must go thru the spiritual alchemical rights of initiation if you ever intend to become a true master of yourself as an activated individual on a multidimensional level. The Quickening* is part of that process, but only after you throw yourself in the athanor to burn away all the falsities about you on all levels. The quickening is when you become lucid within time and time within yourself has accelerated as far as energy, brain waves and intuition to say the least. you're able to break the confines of linear time

You are a sovereign eternal soul having a human experience, and if we don't embody this, we will never master ourselves. What else helps us in our quest in higher knowledge & integration of self as we continue to master more of our inner eternal selves?** Are you even aligned, let alone fully know/understand eternal truths & principles of Universal Law?*** Have you opened the gates of Eternia within yourself? going back to the 2nd Cosmic Law Principle of Correspondence, as above, so below, as within, as without, as the universe, so the soul.

Love is eternal and is the center chakra point of our biology, the heart center, is it activated? do you love yourself? others? truth? creation? Agape love is necessary for people to embody if we are to have anything close to a peaceful society, which all goes back to living in alignment with Natural Law & Objective Morality.

This is the 8th Hip Hop Time Capsule installment & intentionally so with the voluptuous # 8 and how the curves flipped sideways represents infinity.. BUT, eternity goes beyond anything finite, and since the word infinity is in-finite, that means that it is a closed system, or feedback loop if you will.. altho the number 8 is Gr8 and has many other interesting correlations, representations and formulations (to say the least).

i had some pretty syncroliscious moments during the whole process of putting this project together, which has enriched this mix into something quite special

Astrology is vital in navigating our higher soul path, which runs on more of a cosmic clock with the processions of heavenly bodies & dimensions.

A mix released to celebrate international women's day March 8 and beyond.. This is not some top female emcee compilation, nor the ultimate feminist song collection or an attempt to depict the idea of female essence within a hip hop mixtape.. This is made to inspire people and expose them to artists and their conscious expressions..

Spoiler alert- there's a few dudes featured on a couple tracks, either being featured on a femcee’s track, vice versa or in a collaborative.. don't feel deceived by the title since all tracks have female artists, that's what "all" means ;)

33 female artists are included in this magnanimous compilation. what a syncromystik occurrence with the time duration of it all- pretty cool if you s33 what i mean..

Peep the vibes from a lucky and happily married man who's life transformed thanks to my queen.. she literally unlocked my aching heart, opening that chakra region which provided true activation of the higher chakras which eventually led to a kundalini type awakening within me and I've been on a higher vibration ever since. I've only tried to better myself since meeting her, looking for ways to express that green energy flow into positive manifestations..

THIS MIX IS BY ALL MEANS NOT GIVING FUEL TO THE NEO FEMINIST FIRE.. I'm not against the traditional feminist movement.. I'm all for equal rights but the measures this neo fem movement is taking is not helping women's cause much. I understand the dichotomy of the cause and effects and the emotional charge it can give, so i realize the aggressive, sometimes violent retaliation some women have demonstrated.. Man slamming will not bring about justice tho.. I would like everyone to bare in mind an important aspect to consider with this whole war of the sexes of this men vs women entrapment; this is part of the divide and conquer strategy by the architects of the social engineering and conditioning/programming mechanisms that have variably shaped the thoughts, behaviors and actions of the general population.. to their desired effect, unbenounced to us, manipulated against our free will- we could always just call it "mind control", which is funny that the word "gov't" means etymologically exactly that.. i digress, i know, sorry to sound a bit morose, but unfortunately the truth ain't so sweet sixteen pretty, so buckle up Dorothy, cuz some of these female artists will take you far away from Kansas..

It's heart wrenching to know about all the burden, injustices, and suppression that women throughout history have had to endure.. in 2018 women are worried about just walking alone on the streets in a first world country and have to think twice about taking a bus/subway late in the evening by herself.. what an abominable situation society has evolved into.. has humanity truly forgotten where and how we've been conceived in this incarnation?!? Obviously they are even further in forgetting their true source of being if they can't even respect their mothers

This may seem a little outdated, but always relevant despite the evolution of technology.. the tactics are the same, but augmented with the tech obviously, and to be honest, a good amount of this tech is sold to the public on purpose to increase mass human surveillance.. the internet, tv microphones, all types of bugs, smart meters, alexa, smart watches, smart kitchens, smart____, etc, and many other devices under the guise of health/sport apps & gadgets, etc (short list)..

The worst thing you could take away from a full listening to this project is to become paranoid and/or powerless.. it's actually the opposite- they are paranoid (af) and pretty powerless aside from the power/money/attention we give them.. it just shows us again how powerful we actually are (altho most of it is untapped potential), and the lengths and measures they are willing to take to invest in so much tech in order to keep some kind of all seeing eyes on us- aside from poisoning us in countless ways, psychologically dumbed down and distracted, divided and spiritually conquered.. there are too many people at this point who know about these things, yet have not taken any action at all to change it, and i ask you all to please step up your efforts.. the majority of humanity can all do better, my self included of course.. gotta remove our support of the technocracy/technopoly/technotalitarian/TechnOrwelian/
transhumanist control grid/network/players involved

surveillance is a broad term that means to surveille, but it usually implies visual surveillance, but in today's technological transhumanist technomonoploies' obsession, the control system has become obsessed with tracking our every move, purchase, consumption, energy usage, energy levels, and nutrition even (short list)..

yes, agenda 2030 has a lot to do with this, COVID has a lot to do with this, the satellite launching project, space force & fifeG has a lot to do with this.. "terrorist attacks" have been instrumental in pushing this on the public via problem reaction solution manufactured by the same culprits.. Post 911 there was the patriot act which is nothing patriotic.. The London tunnel bombing, boston marathon, similar results, and in france with the numerous false flags around 2014-2016


Guess Who?? - Nite N Dae ft. Gel Roc
Stop Spying - The Grouch
Watch Out! (Camera Angle) - Mzr Axeom
Under Surveillance - Mayhem Mystics
Thought Police - The Profoun Poet
Say Sumthin - G & Z
Word On The Street The Watchers Are Still Watching -
Inspekta Dek, G & E, B.o.B
Neighborhood Watch - The Cloaks
Spies - Kotton Mouth Kings
Spies Like Us - Styles Of Beyond ft. Emcee 007
Watching You - Asop featured by Elusive
Thoughts Of Conspiracy - Crux Ft. Beast 1333
A Citizens Guide To Abstract Thought - Left Handed+Anti Citizens ft. Formula Abstract
Know The Enemy - Dead Prez
Small Brother Interlude - Lil Sci
cut off info...

Another vital Hip Hop philosopher's mixtape with much spiritual science to ponder and apply accordingly and rightfully in one's life.. We’re talking about source energy here.. the primordial forces that have existed since creation itself which is embedded in the fabric of whatever grand divine design we choose to describe this reality, this universe.

This musical/philosophical/scientific collage is made to help one learn about the forces of Nature and beyond and how they're always in effect and possible to come to understand in order to work with them and not against them to improve one's experience in this reality. Man didn't make these divine laws/principles/forces, they've been around and have been in effect since the beginning of creation..

One of the best quotes i've ever read is very intriguing in regards to what i'm presenting in this project: How shall we define occultism? The word is derived from the Latin occultus, hidden; so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature. Since all the great laws of nature are in fact working in the invisible world far more than in the visible, occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider view of nature than that which is ordinarily taken. The occultist, then, is a man who studies all the laws of nature that he can reach or of which he can hear, and as a result of his study he identifies himself with these laws and devotes his life to the service of evolution - C.W. Leadbeater.

What i mean in this project when referring to the forces of nature, is the Principles of Natural Law/Cosmic Law/Spiritual Law/Universal Law. We see many unseen forces manifesting in our physical reality, which we can observe, study, experiment with and apply all the scientific methodologies to coming to great understandings of how these forces work, how we can apply them to the betterment of our existence and experiences.. as mentioned in the mix, the same can be said in using it for dark purposes, or if not studied and learned responsibly, will bring about negative consequences, in which the Principle of Cause and Effect are always in play.. it’s quite simple when it comes to human behavior and mindstates: right action/thought leads to good results, wrong thought/action results in negative outcomes.. the spectrum of the positive/negative outcomes is vast and depends on a multitude of factors however.

Mentalism.. it all goes back to this first sacred principle, which is how we're initially diving into this project- from the inception of God's mind that actualized the eternal existence of creation and the force that governs it all- Natural Law.

in this physical domain/dimension/density, energy and the combination of elements manifest/materialize at a certain frequency which manifests largely in geometric and fractal patterns.. the higher the frequency, the more complex the pattern- think cymatics. Now with "sacred geometry" and fibonacci, these are not the true organic frequencies, but rather a nefarious

This is probably my favorite genre and if it hasn't been coined yet, it should be by artists like these- and then some.. i wouldn't mind getting credit for the coinage of the term JazzyHipHopSoulVibes ((JHHSV)) tho.. this is the latest addition to that sub-genre where i've had my series under such title with 14 mixes full of 20hrs of soulful Jazzhop vibes..

I know i left out some of the key figures of this sort of genre like Guru from Gangstarr (R.I.P.) with his Jazzmatazz series, Digable Plantes, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Sol and Dream Warriors.. i love their music and have seen them highlighted in several hip hop & jazz compilations.. of course there's more and plenty i'm sure i've never heard of before, but voila, nobody knows it all or soundscanned all the artists in existence and whatnot.. This is a really small sample of what's out there with all that good 'ol jazzy hip hop style with lyrical substance to have you vibin' for an hour or so.. nothing too extravagant or over the top, just a mix of good music to get in tune with..

Yes, there is some french artists up in here and i don't expect the lot of you to understand, but just feel into the vibes they created and i think you'll get a good idea of what they're speaking on.. i speak french very well, but i can't even understand everything they say, but it's good music regardless


Aubade - MC Solaar
Music Is - Ursula Rucker Ft'd by Chris Prolific
Interlude - Weedy & le T.I.N.
Inspired - RAJ
Track 9 - Bay Area Art Collective
Wandering - LEFT
Sole Vibe Drop #2 - The Sole Vibe
Cantaloop Island - DJ Cam ft. Tassel & Naturel
The Best I Can snippet - Luckyiam
Up & Down - Alphabet Soup
Strange Fruit - Scienz Of Life
Convolutions - The Freestyle Fellowship
Grand Groove - Us3
Cherry Flava'd Email - Shock G ft.?
C'est Donc Ça Nos Vies - IAM
BS II MF (Rmx) - Mission
B-Side Fan - Idris Goodwin
Chill - Cannonball (Jazz Mafia) - {word to their machine gun trumpet logo i slapped on this album art- SF natives}
Come With Me - Source of Labor
Blended - Semiotics
The Cat - People Under The Stairs
Outro (Jazz Duet) - Ill Nature

Arranged, Mixed & Produced in 4332Hz on June 8th, 2021 in Quimper France by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind






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Anarchy? haha, oh yea, the true definition and way of living by no masters and no slaves, where people hold themselves accountable and their egos in check.. They understand Natural Law, Free Will, personal sovereignty, voluntarianism, the golden rule, self ownership & responsibility, the non-aggression principle, the self-defense principle, cause & effect, respect for others and their property, Objective Morality..

A true anarchist has that knowledge of self, discipline, compassion, on the path of self mastery, for he/she knows that if they are not the master of themselves, something or someone else is..

Let me just day dream of some kinda alternative utopia on this one.. Alternative or off grid communities have been of interest to me for years and it's been difficult to imagine what would be the best at times, but let's just run with some possibilities.. Everyone in the community has value and participates.. We need healers, midwives, teachers, engineers, electricians, philosophers, wood/black smiths, alchemists, shamans, farmers with experience, cooks, and all sorts of hands to help & assist.. Having a round-robin system of gaining experience as well as good'ol fashion apprentices.. Life is not a spectator sport, which is what a lot of people do in their spare time.. You are not old and can continue to have massive impacts on people & communities for all you 50+ year-olds.. You will not be re-tired, but rejuvenated and repurposed for some great causes.. i did a lil video talking about these ideas a bit more::


Millenium Sanhedrin - A Guy Called Gerald ft. Ursula Rucker
Soundtrack (DSP) - Krewcial
Viberian Sun (snippet) -JJ Doom
Common Ground - Living Legends
What I Need - Audible Doctor x Mark Passio
Peer Pressure - Style M.I.S.I.A.
Tension - Emphasize ft. Kemtrell
Do My Thang - Opoetik
Grapes ov Wrath - Mystik Journeymen
We Will Not Tolerate (snippet) - Freestyle Fellowship
It's Time To Build - 1628 Factor
Life Is What You Make It - Nebulus
Back To The Grind Again - Bloquera
2G Theory - Bicasso
Model Citizen - Ohmega Watts
Bleedin - Audiopharmacy x Manly P Hall
Holistic View - Spirit of Rap Movement
Raj11 - Kali Yuga Beats x Mark Passio
Free - Thievery Corporation
Stay True - Greg Green
Hurricane Song - CYNE ft. Seven Star, Soarse Spoken & Stres
Community 2.0 - The Jazz Mafia Symphony
Remember Who You Are - The Grouch & Eligh
Waterie Reflextion - Dash
New Growth - King Koncepts

Arranged, Mixed and recorded in 432HZ in Quimper, France, 29/10/21 by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


Lyrical Spiritual Shadow Boxing.. This is musical anger management. This is music to study.. this is a self-help mixtape.. This is facing inner shadows more than the shadows of others. this is reflection time in objectively regarding yourself & society, from the micro to the macro.. observe certain patterns of faulty thoughts & behaviors and such.

in this world of shadows, the most frequent and familiar shadow you encounter in your life is your own.. You cannot escape that, you can only do the inner work and master self.. Make the darkness conscious.
Isn’t it interesting to note that your shadow can be over double your size and is that a metaphor for something?

the shadow tends to tell you many things that are not true- far from it in enuff instances to have you far from good if you heeded those distorted thoughts.. it can easily and incrementally change your behavior to not care as much about creation, to make you forget about what's sacred while you casually say life's a bitch.. when in actuality- to quote asop rock, life ain't a bitch, she's a beautiful woman", and it's past time folks remember where they came from in the cosmos and act accordingly

this is rather dark, negative, etc.. however, how does one think they'll overcome or defend themselves against that which they do not understand, let alone inner stand and overstand the forces and psychology/psychopathy that is holding them down- including aspects within themselves.. you think inner shadows like to help one's own self sabotage? the shadow needs to feed, and negative energy is it's favorite source in this case.. it also does it's fine dining on those 7 "sins" and issues of that nature.. basically it'll take anything thats not in alignment to the highest good and what's not connected purely to source.

ever notice in a lotta movies where the unwitty, ignorant, weak minded, and others who let their unchecked emotions thoughts and ego get the best of them where the sharp minded, patient, reflective and wise ones prevail? gotta avoid those ego impulses and the sporadic reactive actions fueled by fear.

can you side step your shadow and see it for what it is, which is part of you, but it's not you? it's an accumulation of maligned experiences and programming, social conditioning and cultural influences with everything else in-between that is outside of your true soul essence.. gotta transcend & transmute with temperance of temper. When u hear that angry, aggressive language, that’s the shadow talking.. the shadow is resentment, narcissism, fear, doubt, self-sabotage, victimhood, & other negative aspect of the ego

It’s like the same with washing things, gardening, cooking, etc.. you gotta get your hands dirty to reap the benefits.. same with shadow work, but it ain’t dirty work, it’s metaphorically the dirty side of ourselves that we need to clean up.. also be aware of the shadows of others, society and the collective consciousness that's been suppressed


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Greetings & Bonjour,

You may have heard of my work under the monicker AwakenYaMind, where i've been mixing provocative truth-infused themed music mixes since 2012.. Been holding out too long on doing my own work under my own name for a bit too long there, but it's been complicated over the years living in France.. Originally from The San Francisco Bay Area, but i've been in France for over the past decade now and i've been going through multidimensional transformations, awakenings, deprograming, ego deaths and all that other stuff that comes with becoming an activated individual.. I'm not as much of an activist as i should be, but i've been on a different path in a sense and i'm looking to really get things rolling for 2021 in a big way..

I'm aligned with Natural Natural Law, Morality, and the higher sciences of spirituality to keep it short

Looking to get at the heart of some matters here and speak my awakened & re-educated mind that is rooted in heart-based intelligence