Missile Man


Fraud by Walgreens, CVS and Google

A GITMO Tribunal finds Bill Ayers Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy and gives him 25 Yrs at GITMO

Understanding NESARA and GESARA for NOVICES

The 10 Questions most Patriots are Asking?

Thomas J. Vilsack Found Guity of Treason and Ordered to Hang at GITMO on 5-16-22

Where are all the Outraged People?
Too Lazy to Get Our and Protest?
IF You Don't Exercise Free Speech, You'll Lose It!

Trump tells Alex Jones : You're Fired, Traitor !

US Navy JAG - Sets Military to Arrest Tom Vilsack

Restoring the REPUBLIC - A Look Ahead
US Inc., The City of London, and The Vatican are Bankrupt and their Corporations Dissolved
Biden/Harris are DOOMED

Fauci & Lynch were both hanged at GITMO today. GITMO Double Header!

Sovereign Citizen Learning for Everyone - Part 4 - NESARA / GESARA
The End of the Swift Monetary System and the Beginning of Nesara Worldwide.
Stable Economic Living for Everyone and Humanitarian Programs

Sovereign Citizen Learning for Everyone - Part 3 - Common Law

Sovereign Citizens Learning for Everyone - Part 2 - Act of 1871 (2 Constitutions)

GITMO Tribunal Sentences Anthony Fauci to Hang on 4-26-22

Sovereign Citizen Learning Series - Part 1 - War Castles
Learn how you were born into Slavery as Chattel for the United States Incorporated
and controlled and manipulated by US Inc, The City of London, Vatican City and the
Luciferian Satanic Nazi Freemasonry Banking Cabal.

This video presentation is 1 hour and 22 minutes in length.
Please ready yourself for that time to learn what everyone in America
and world will need to know.

Anthony Fauci's Military Tribunal - Day 1

Obama's Chief Strategist Arrested by US Marines

Watch the Water ... It's Not What You Think and Not Just the Water
It's about the DUMBS, Cities, Project Blue Beam, and the Luciferian
Satanic Nazi Democrat Banking Cabal.

Life & Death of Yahshua Christ
Become a Believer
Have Eternal Life

Anthony Fauci is the Joseph Mengele of the 21st Century.
A Habitual Liar. A spokesman for the Luciferian Satanic Cabal.

Special Forces finally Arrest Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Cabal's Death Dealer

Project Looking Glass by Guardians - False Flag Events Incoming
3 Part Series - 40 Minutes of video to watch
Will You Become a Guardian?

Loretta Lynch Found Guilty of Murder and Treason at GITMO and will Hang on 4-25-22

Dr. Deborah Birx Executed at Guam Naval Air Station for Treason.

A New Bedtime Story to Tell your Children Going Forward.
This involves our true history. It must be shared. It must be told.


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