Gehl Voiced By: SlyKitsune
Tsume Voiced By: Crispin Freeman

💛Late Mama's Day gift for Best Mom.💛

Happy birthday to the greatest, most wonderfulest, most beautifulest, most awesomest mama in the whole wide world. Hope I make you proud. I wuj yoo ick muck! xD

Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun Voiced By: SlyKitsune
Mixing/Editing/SFX/Makin' Her Mama Proud: SlyKitsune

Happy Halloween!
Blair & Maka Voiced By: SlyKitsune
Mixing/Editing/SFX: SlyKitsune

If this doesn't go Platinum, I'll cry. UwU

Sly Lyrics [yes I wrote this lol]:
They call me Lil Cringe
I'm onna anime binge
I rip and I rap
And I rap and I rip
Watchin yaoi all the time
Check please just the tip ay
Notices your bolgy wolgy
OwO what is this?
Sittin watchin Naruto
Hopin two dudes kiss ay
Snackin on some Oreos
Prolly gonna die alone
Ay ay ay yeah
Basement dwellin
Shell-shock shellin
Youtube felon
Pockets swellin
Must be all them feet pics
I been sellin UwU
I'm too shy to
Do that see
What I lack in
Self esteem
I make up for on
Twitch livestream
Ay yo uh yeah
Lil Cringe
Mic drop

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Lupin / Goemon / Extra :: Ryusuke (WrBlPro)
Zenigata :: MidniteRealmVA
Jigen / Extra :: hyzengard
Laetitia :: SlyKitsune

Ice Cream Man :: OmegaOptimusSupreme
Sonic the Hedgehog :: Ryusuke (WrBlPro)
Chip :: SlyKitsune

"Watch as SlyKitsune melts glaciers with just her voice, I help a magical chihuahua while having a curse inflicted on me, and OmegaOptimusSupreme takes advantage of a world crisis to support his ice cream business! ....wait, what was that last pa-" -WrBiPro

Mixing/Editing: SlyKitsune
Song: Final Fantasy VII Cosmo Canyon
Video Games: Final Fantasy X + Shadow Hearts From The New World

Sophie Hatter Voiced By: SlyKitsune
This fandub was originally created in 2014...
When I had the flu and wanted to test out a Sophie impersonation lolol. Thanks for watching!

Fujiko Mine Voiced By: SlyKitsune
Mixing/Editing/SFX By: SlyKitsune
Editing this was fun as hell, not gonna lie.

"Hey guys! Wanted to give a shot at voicing Cloud! Special thanks to my friend SlyKitsune for voicing Aerith! Hope you guy's enjoy!" - Andre

Girl, you know you lyin' though.

Aerith/Mixing/Editing/SFX: SlyKitsune
Video Game: Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Song: Madoka Magica Fateful 1

2B Voiced By: SlyKitsune
9S Voiced By: Andre Y.
Video Game: Nier: Automata
Mixing/Editing/SFX: SlyKitsune

Mixing/Editing: SlyKitsune
Anime: Sailor Moon Crystal
Song: Laura Brehm - Until The Sun

Mixing/Editing: SlyKitsune
Anime: Sailor Moon Crystal
Song: Culture Code - Make Me Move
This was meant to be a Valentine's Day Special but I got too excited to share it so happy Earlytine's Day! xD

Mixing/Editing: SlyKitsune
Song: Stars Go Dim - You Are Loved
Anime: Your Name, Weathering With You, Howl's Moving Castle, Misc.

Mixing/Editing: SlyKitsune

JP: Conor S.
Sonoshee: SlyKitsune
Mixing/Editing/SFX: SlyKitsune
A fandub with a first-timer. Enjoy~ :)

JP: ♂️~You~♂️
Sonoshee: ♀SlyKitsune♀
Mixing/Editing/SFX: ♀SlyKitsune♀


JP: Allow me to introduce myself, ma'am. I'm JP.

Sonoshee: Jesus...-_-

JP: You aren't really gonna eat that are ya?

S: Huh? Oh my god...[sigh] Gimme a break...

JP: So...mind if I join you?

S: Well, I'm actually waiting for someone.

JP: Yeah, me too, go figure.

S: Huh? Hang on a sec I remember you, you're that guy from YellowLine. Yeah, the substitute, you got into RedLine cause one of the other racers dropped out, right?

JP: [sigh] Since we're both gonna be in the same race, this is what's called scopin' out the competition.

S: I get it~

JP: I think it's pretty cool you won YellowLine in that hover engine of yours, I kinda wanted to see for myself whether or not you were just as cool.

S: So~ What's the verdict?

JP: Verdict? Well I uh...I see a girl who's an engine geek and has absolutely no interest in men.

S: Bingo, that's right~ I've always loved fast cars and racing. Ever since I was a kid it's all I've ever dreamed of~

JP: I get it. You pour all your love into cars and don't got any left for people.

S: Ugh~ Guess what? You can go now. -_-

JP: [blows on soup] [satisfied noise]

S: You know my dad was a pretty awesome racer. He owned a junk joint and when I was a kid we'd build our own machines and enter them in all kinds of races.

JP: Oh yeah?

S: Yeah, I guess it figures I'd grow up to turn out like this.

JP: Is that a Steam Light?

S: Ah~ Yes it is. I'm surprise you know about it. Pretty, huh? My dad gave it to me when I turned seven, and I've been wearing it ever since then.

JP: I've heard about the Steam Light but I never got to see one 'til now.

S: No kidding? They say if you pop it in your tank it releases a hundred times more energy than Gold Nitro.

JP: That is so cool...

Cross Ange - NowVoiceThis Round 2 Entry: Vintage Awesome! I wanted to try something futuristic. Here's hoping the judges like my spin on vintage Mecha. Lady Angelise/Commander Jill/Fighter Rosalie voiced by me. :D

Ash/Misty/Pikachu/Mew/Mewtwo Voiced By SlyKitsune
Mixing/Editing: SlyKitsune
Music: Tears of Life
ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩

[✩1080p + Headphones please✩]

Face to the sea
I hear the wind
Calling me to the truth
Close your eyes
And dream beneath
The warmth of skies so blue
Longing to rest my weary bones
So long the path
Oh be still my weary soul

Don't say a word
I know what's on your mind at any time
Follow the path and you will see
Together we can shine
Holding dear times in my mind
Friends stay near
They are so hard to find

Face to the sea
I hear the wind
Calling me to the truth
Close your eyes
And dream beneath
The warmth of skies so blue
Longing to rest my weary bones
So long the path
Oh be still my weary soul~

Editing/Mixing: SlyKitsune
Song: Robin SchuIz - ln Your Eyes
Video Game: FF XIII Lightning Returns
This is my Round One entry for a Non-Canon Ship Contest. I chose these two because I thought they'd match the lyrics to this song really well. Winner gets fan art of their choosing so I've got my fingers crossed! Thanks for watching and be sure to check out my other AMVs~ x3

2b Voiced By: SlyKitsune
Pod Voice By: SlyKitsune
Mixing/Editing/SFX: SlyKitsune
Video Game: Soul Calibur VI Nier
Eight hours of editing. 1:30 clip.
Please kill me lol. 😱


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