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If the US had any brains, it would follow the lead of Russia and withdraw from the WTO and the WHO, which now threatens to exercise control over the 194 nations of the world through its new proposed "Pandemic Treaty", which no serious country ought to sign. But with complete and utter minors running America, no doubt, we will commit the massive blunder of agreeing to it--and have to fight our way out of it with a new president and Congress to undo the damage wrought by Biden and his cronies. Meanwhile, the stock market appears to be on the verge of collapse, with a massive drop this past Wednesday, in part because Target and Walmart have huge drops in profit because the people have overwhelmingly less discretionary income after inflation and the huge spike in the cost of food and gasoline, which have been brought about by the deliberate policies of the Biden administration. Mike Adams warns of the potential for a military invasion of America on our West Coast, where California has disarmed its citizens, who will be unable to defend against it. And genetically-modified food and crops are making a comeback by being labeled as "genetically edited" food and crops, but have no doubt, it's the same scam under new and improved marketing.

Elon Musk's proposed purchase of Twitter is leading to exposing chicanery there, where 50% of the participants appear to be bots (not real persons) to create the false impression of twice as great interest as he actually enjoys. So we have a fake president from a fake election with fake supporters on (what increasingly appears to be) a fake social media venue. Stunning--but really not surprising, since the Democrats have nothing going for them at all except for lies, damn lies, and (phony) statistics! W blunders by calling out Putin for an irresponsible invasion but inadvertently cited "iraq" instead of "Ukraine", which looks like a classic Freudian confession via a verbal slip. The trial of a Hillary attorney should be drawing massive attention from the mainstream media, but they are dutifully ignoring it to protect the Clinton brand (as though it were still respectable). A sensational 3-minute speech summarizes the absurd State of the Union under Biden and the Democrats. Meanwhile, the threat that the WHO might gain control globally over health policy represents a real threat, where the US could oppose and defeat it if we had a real president. They wanted a stooge there so everyone could do whatever they want without opposition or interference from the American government.

Russia is pulling out of the TWO and the WHO, which is very smart--and if the US had any brains (which it does not), we would be doing the same. The WHO may be the mechanism by means of which the NWO imposes control across the globe and vitiates national sovereignty. Stocks are dropping, which may presage a stock market collapse, where the FED is raising interest and will destroy the housing bubble, with the market bubble next to fall. The calamities promoted by the Biden administration are virtually endless and are well on the way to destroying the USA. Under these circumstances, where the entire term of his presidency has been a massive train wreck, it has become urgent to change the narrative and--lo and behold!--we are beneficiaries of another "false flag" staged shooting, which this time is a mini-version of the Christchurch event in New Zealand. Brian Davidson does a sensational, frame-by-frame, dissection that not only proves its a fake event but that the video we were originally given was the rehearsal, not even the "real event". You are going to enjoy this show!

The great Alex Newman of the New American (.com) gives an incredibly good analysis of the new WHO Pandemic Treaty and why it's nothing but a NWO power grab - a destruction of national sovereignty using the Trojan Horse of pubic health. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Source: https://www.brighteon.com/5b8bafe5-809f-49f5-b341-e117bbf946da

Joe and Holly add depth and breath to the discussion of MTG's observation that the vast sums being sent to Ukraine create the appearance of a massive money-laundering operation, where Congress is voting to put more money into its own pockets. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson calls out Biden for going to Buffalo but finessing Waukesha, where the purported shooter in Buffalo was white but the apparent driver in Waukesha was black. Outrageous! So of course Biden attempts to smear January 6th participants as "domestic terrorists" and as "white supremacists" as well to gain traction for the Democrats' campaign, which would have no content at all were it not for fakery and lies, which is the core of today's party. The staging of the Buffalo shooting, moreover, is further reinforced by the fact that the weapon does not eject any spent shell casings, which means the weapon itself was not real and nobody died. Surprise! Surprise! Megan Kelly does good by attacking Seth Meyers for attempting to smear Tucker over the fake shooting. I am not a Megan fan, but in this case, she did good! The Rutherford Institution publishes a brilliant piece on the primrose path we are following into a totalitarian state. New studies from Scotland show the effects of the jab, which are all bad, and on an unprecedented scale. And the lawsuit against Alex Jones is about to resume, just as I submit my Petition to SCOTUS to reverse the legal atrocities to which I was subjected in Wisconsin. We shall see.

MTG calls out the massive funding to Ukraine as "money laundering", which looks right to me. Too many Democrats benefit from the corruption of that nation, including the sons of Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, and (of course) Biden, where the DNC seems to have figured out how to turn Ukraine into a cash-cow for the party. They are going hog-wild over the Buffalo shooting, which is easily proven to be fake: no shells ejected from the weapon, bodies falling in the wrong direction, already lying in place, no melon-effect from point-blank range, and more. Seems to be a mini-version of the Christchurch, NZ, fakery, replete with a manifesto that plagiarized parts thereof. Ron Johnson calls out Biden for visiting Buffalo when he didn't have time for Waukesha, because the black driver didn't fit the Democrats' preferred narrative. Biden ties Buffalo to January 6th, both of which were orchestrated events to promote their political agenda--which, I would infer, was driven by Barack Obama, who nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 to allow these staged events to take place in the US under color of law. Megan Kelly calls out Seth Meyers for politicizing the Buffalo event and attacking Tucker, who has simply been reporting the facts about immigration. A thoughtful piece from The Rutherford Institution reflects upon the use of these events to control our speech, our thoughts and our actions. A wonderful summing up of the situation we are in, where it now turns out that Bill Gates just happens to have fake breast milk to market to American mothers at great profit, no doubt. The data on harm caused by the vax continues to. mount, while Alex Jones' trial resumes and Jim's Petition to SCOTUS has been submitted.

Mitch McConnell burnishes his Deep State credentials by encouraging Finland and Sweden to join NATO, which will make them targets of Russian nukes and increase their defense spending while reducing their national security. They have had it made up until now, where PCR believes their leaders have sold out their countries for bags of money from the Pentagon. Astonishingly, a four-star admiral, who happens to be a tactical-nuke expert, has been apprehended by Russia at the Azovstal steel factory, where several hundred have not been taken into custody. This means the US has been a co-belligerent from the beginning and reflects very badly on the West. More propaganda suggests Russia may activate networks of white supremacist/neo-nazis around the world, including in the US, which is about as absurd as it gets. Russia lost 20,000,000 to the Nazis in WWII and is almost certainly the leading anti-nazi nation in the world. Indeed, a principal reason for the intrusion has been to de-natzify Ukraine. The mouse turd, "Ultra-MAGA", backfields, where conservatives like the shirts and hats and every time it is mentioned, it reminds the public how much better off they were in "MAGA" times compared to life under Biden. Todd and Erik Gregoy put together a mini-masterpiece critique of the left and its quest for a thousand-year progressive reich--hilarious and all too pointed and true. More leaks from SCOTUS suggest that the Chief Justice wanted to chip away at Roe but not reverse it, where discord may be expected to continue on the court indefinitely into the future. Great having Brian join us once again for another Houston-based "Texas Tuesday"!

Another staged "false flag" shooting, this time at a grocery store, which bears comparison with the Christchurch, NZ, event, with numerous similarities (including video of him driving himself to the scene, fake shooting and bodies falling, no blood and air blasts conspicuous: simply ridiculous)! The public has grown increasingly skeptical of these events, which were made legal by Barack Obama when he nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 by means of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, just in time to bring us Sandy Hook (which has been followed by a sequence of others, where this is only the latest in a seemingly endless string). Russia has sent to sea all of its subs in the Black Sea, which is an ominous sign of things to come. Elon Musk thinks Biden is wrong to think he was elected to transform the country, but while he would welcome Trump back to Twitter, Trump seems to want to decline the honor (which is a mistake on Trump's part). Twitter has a certain charm as a democratic venue, where Trump had an enormous following when he was one of its participants--but the allure is gone when it comes to his own Social Truth venture, which is not panning out. Reuters science data guy is fired for proof that blacks are not being shot more often than whites by police, which undermines the entire Black Lives Matter mantra and demonstrates the absurdity of "Defunding the Police!", which has had very bad consequences for the community, especially for minorities.

A critique of the Buffalo grocery market shooting, which is on a par for fakery with the Christchurch, NZ, mosque shootings, which were so poorly done that you can be fined $10,000 for having a copy on your desktop--not because they are so gruesome but because they are so amateurish and OBVIOUSLY FAKE. This one is on that order. Paul, who called in at the end of the show, said the suspect, when he was arrested, was wearing massively large shoes as "clown shoes" to show contempt for the public, who buys into this rubbish. It's being used as propaganda to denigrate Trump supporters and conservative commentators, especially Tucker Carlson, who is doing a great job exposing the shenanigans on the left with clarity and verve. The Democrats have been reduced to the party of liars and thieves. It's about as disgusting as it gets. The propaganda line now has it that Russia has secret cells of white supremacists in America it may call upon to rise up--which is about as palpable nonsense as anyone can imagine, which demonstrates, once again, the low esteem in which they hold the American public. Finland and Sweden are now planning to commit fiscal and (perhaps) even literal suicide by joining NATO, where they have benefited from their status as neutral nations by not having to contribute to NATO or becoming enemies of Russia, all of which they are now forfeiting, not in their national interest but (if Paul Craig Roberts has it right) from bags of money from the US, which owns them. "They report to us!", he was told in the past. And it may very well remain the case today.

Todd Callender joins the The Prather Point to discuss the next PLANdemic (the Marburg pathogen), which will be the excuse used to force the unvaxxed into quarantine camps (FEMA) where kill-shots will be administered.

He also says that those who received the Covid shots already have the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which can be activated via 5G frequencies. Those who have Marburg will then become zombie-like, because it affects frontal cortex brain function.

From: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4ajhXs6ykjhs/

A shortage of baby formula casts glaring light upon the Biden administration's help for illegal immigrants and foreign nations rather than the American people, where it turns out Biden has sent massive supplies to our Southern border and, speculation has it, more to Ukraine, which appears to reflect its priorities exactly and to a "t".
A shortage of diesel fuel is going to have a huge impact upon the US population by curtailing food availability, fertilizer for growing food, coal for powering the electric grid, construction projects, transportation of consumer goods to retail outlets, and UPS, FEDEX, USPS and other package carriers. We are about to discover what a difference diesel makes--and we aren't going to like it. Reuters Director of Data Science has been fired for discovering that police are LESS LIKELY to fire at a suspect when he is black than when he is white, contradicting a widely held but false believe that Democrats have used to exacerbate racial tensions and to defund the police, with consequences that are ongoing and highly destructive to society. And a nice essay about 9/11 lays the blame at the feet of Israel, which is exactly where it belongs. Check out this same article on my blog, where I have embedded two summary overviews of collaborative research on 9/11: https://jamesfetzer.org/2022/05/john-massaro-more-proof-that-israel-was-behind-9-11/

All Russian subs in the Black Sea are now operating in a time of conflict with the potential to spiral out of control. Anyone with military training will recognize this as a sign of preparation for war on a larger scale, which ought to send tremors down the spines of national leads (who, however, have long since abdicated their roles of responsibility with regard to their own nations). A leading Democrat (and potential successor to Pelosi as the next Speak of the House) has suggested that Biden is beyond criticism in this "time of war", implying that the US is at war with Russia--even though there has been no declaration from Congress, as the Constitution requires. Another fake shooting--this time, at a neighborhood grocery store in Buffalo, NY--strongly resembles the fake mosque shootings in Christchurch, NZ, a few years ago--with very, very similar styling and videograing, to boot. Completely amateurish. After struggling to find a way to tarnish Trump's brand, a think-tank could do no better than "ULTRA-MAGA", which is now becoming a popular brand among conservatives and Trump's own supporters. The Disinformation Governance Board, by the way, has already been discounted as illegal and unconstitutional by the Chairman of the FCC.

The corruption of the Democrats knows no bounds. No only are Kerry, Biden, and Pelosi's kids on boards raking in big bucks on the basis of their names but it turns out the Democratic Party has been in cahoots with BIG PHARMA and the US government in funding these labs, violating testing protocols, and funding the Democratic Party with the proceeds! It boggles the mind--and the Russians have the proof!

MTG has been raising hell about the administration putting Ukraine first and America last. Biden is not the President of the United States of Ukraine but of the United States of America, yet he is putting America last! Warning that a new global pandemic treaty with the WHO would surrender American sovereignty to a supra-national entity, which would be the ultimate betrayal--and we can count on Biden to go for it! Democrats are silent on secret royalties going to NIH officials and NIH related scientists: they were all on the dole! Stunning stuff. And the pro-abortion protesters are violating laws that warranted their prosecution on grounds similar to those invoked by the protesters on 6 January, but you can bet they won't be prosecuted. And the loss of Roe was paved by none other than Barack Obama, who betrayed his loyal followers and the women of America.

Matt Ehret, a Canadian historian and author. One of the finest minds I have ever encountered, Matt provides a sweeping panoramic review of the history that has brought us to this turning point in world history, with a breath-taking display of mastery of the politics of the past that provides a framework for understanding the present. This one is a keeper. You will want to watch (or listen) to this more than once. I plan to bring Matt back to field questions and elaborate upon the final issue he addresses here, namely: how can we extricate ourselves from The Great Reset and this latest effort to impose a New World Order (or a One-World Government)? This is as good as it gets.

A shortage of baby formula appears to be the result of Biden policies of shipping vast quantities to the border to benefit illegal immigrants, which clearly displays the administration's attitude: illegals first, Americans last! When are we going to wake up to the fact that this is the first (and no doubt the last) government of the US that is actively seeking to destroy America? The hands of the Rothschilds, George Soros and Barack Obama are all over these efforts to take down this once-great nation--and they appear to be doing a pretty good job of it. The Chairman of the FCC declares that the Biden "Disinformation Governance Board" is unconstitutional and should be shut down immediately. Meanwhile, the acting NIH Director admits that some\ $350,000,000 in grants and benefits to NIH Directors and NIH scientists creates "the appearance of conflicts of interest", a rare ray of truth from the health agencies that have betrayed the American people. A fine article recounts the background of the conflict in Ukraine and why the Russians are "the good guys" and we and NATO "the bad". Pitiful but true. Mike Adams recounts the catastrophic consequences of a shortage of diesel fuel across the board as further proof The Great Reset is upon us. James Corbett spares us the pain of actually reading Bill Gates' new book but giving us an incisive critique. The story of a surgeon's successful career cut short by the vax brings the impact home on a personal scale. And John Massaro lays out a sketch of what happened on 9/11 and how we know Israel was behind it--which I have published on my blog and embedded two of my most recent reviews of what collaborative research has revealed about 9/11 at https://jamesfetzer.org/2022/05/john-massaro-more-proof-that-israel-was-behind-9-11/ Joe and Michael were very much "on their game" today. So glad to have them as colleagues.

WONDERFUL, comprehensive overview by independent journalist and blogger, "Mel K." She covers the proverbial waterfront regarding the agenda and methodologies being used against the people of the world by the Satanic oligarchy.

“We are in a situation of violence — it’s mental violence as well as physical. We are in a psychological war — a very, very well-planned psychological war — a war on truth, a war on our children, which is very important in their big picture, and it’s world-wide. Right now, the only thing standing between these people and [their destruction of] freedom, liberty, justice and God (basically, because they believe that THEY are God), is the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Bible.”


INCREDIBLY GOOD interview with Dr. Vernon Coleman of England, one the best truth-telling doctors in the world. In EP #418 of the SUNDAY WIRE radio show, host Patrick Henningsen speaks with special guest Dr Vernon Coleman, about the coming economic meltdown, and the danger of food shortages - destined to hit poorer regions like Africa much worse than in Europe or North America. ⁣They also discuss on efficacy of sanctions against Russia, as well the alleged hepatitis 'viral outbreak' in kids, and the Covid-19 'vaccine' disaster which is still ravaging planet as we speak. Coleman also talk about Big Tech's vendetta to censor him across the internet and other establishment efforts to prevent him from publishing his books in the UK. All this and more. See more of Dr Vernon Coleman's work at👍

From: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/interview-vernon-coleman-on-sanctions-food-shortages-and-the-vaccine-disaster_M1NhYlbt3sYQ5RJ.html

Source: https://21stcenturywire.com/category/sunday-wire-radio-show/

A completely fascinating preview of coming attractions, where Matt Ehret demonstrates an astounding mastery of history and politics, including the current situation we confront emanating from Ukraine and The Great Reset. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with Matt. It was a great pleasure to host this special and I have invited him to be my guest on The Raw Deal tomorrow (13 May 2022).

Sky Dragon Slaying program on TNT Radio welcomes Matt Ehret, journalist, historian, Senior Fellow at American University in Moscow and founder of Canadian Patriot Review. Hosts are principles of Principia Scientific International, including John OSullivan, CEO, Joseph Postma, MS Astronomy and Joseph Olson, PE. We will be discussing the controlled history narrative and the Orwellian phrase, "He who controls the past controls the future."

There are two schools of thought on American history. One is that rote history is largely correct, past presidents were mostly, honest Patriots. The other is that the US is a captured vassal, debt slave state led by foreign directed puppets. Matt and I briefly discussed some of the characters in the Patriot-Puppet Paradox, on which we will elaborate during TNT Radio show. Steel sharpens steel, and we're both packing formidable steel.

Join us at https://tntradio.live/shows/sky-dragon-slaying/

Paul Craig Roberts warns that the neocons are using anti-Russia propaganda to drive the world into a nuclear war that will consume much of the population of the West. The expansion of NATO--from 14 nations at the dissolution of the USSR in 1991--to 30 today, which have come from the Eastern European, where the US solemnly declared NATO would not expand "one inch to the East" but has done precisely the opposite. No one has paid any heed to Russian protests that its national security has been increasingly put at risk. We may have already gone too far with devastating consequences to endure--and probably soon. Left-wing groups are picketing the homes of Justices of the Supreme Court who are on the verge of rejecting Roe and Casey, even though these actions are illegal and Ruth Bader Ginsburg would never have approved of them. The Chicago Mayor declares an "all out war" for the LGBTQ+ community, which she claims will be next--as though groups that cannot procreate would be high on the agenda of a procreation movement. But clear thought has never been a Democratic strength. Biden's reliance on teleprompters, moreover, appears to reflect his massive cognitive deficit, which renders him unfit for the office he occupies. And Tucker warns that the Democrats are attempting to turn Trump supporters into domestic terrorists so they can take ultimate measures against them--which is what nations do with terrorists.

Carl Herman,a National Board Certified Teacher of 38 years’ experience, and awarded by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the most effective teachers in central L.A. Now in Northern California, he began challenging Hayward USD at the start of the 2020-21 school year how the district’s “health” “orders” were lawful, given legal limits Herman cited. After 20 months of documenting district and teachers’ union responses, Carl walks the audience through the history of district, county, and state obfuscations, lies, and prima facie crimes to continue “ordering” employees and our children to submit to forced experimental medical products (“social distancing,” masks, “tests,” “vaccinations,” etc.).

Title 21 declares absolute freedom to decline experimental medical products, yet the district argues that forced unpaid leave for employees declining medical experiments is an employee “broader right.” The district also argues that forced student suspension, expulsion, or “distance learning” for children and their families refusing to be “patients of the state” are “broader rights” for children and their families. The teachers’ union claims Title 21 only protects teachers from being tackled in the school hallway to be forcibly injected, and therefore medical experiments are allowable as a condition for employment!

The documented history is here: https://carlbherman.blogspot.com/2022/05/challenging-our-public-school-districts_10.html

Dinesh D'Souza appears to have uncovered sufficient fraudulent votes (reported in his documentary, "2000 Mules", to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, which, given the substantiation he presents, vindicates Trump's protests that the election was stolen and exposes "The Big Lie" of the Democratic Party that it was the faires and most open and honest election in US history. The party now should change its name to "The UnDemocratic Party" or "The Fascistic Party" or "The Party of Liars, Phonies, and Thieves", for honesty in advertising. Russia continues to systematically destroy the Ukrainian Army, while Nancy Pelosi travels to Ukraine to kiss Zelekovsky's butt in an astonishing act of subservience, further disgracing the United States on the world's stage. Tulsi calls out Obama as the man behind "The Ministry of Truth", where he has been betraying America from the day of his inauguration. Mike Adams reports that Blackrock and Vanguard are taking control of the US food supply and that the prospect of nuclear war with Russia grows by the day. Their weapons are far superior to those of the West and the devastation they can wreak with a single EMF above the United States would be devastating and lead to the death of 90% of the US population within 2 years.

The US is bragging about aiding and abetting Ukraine in targeting Russian generals and other targets, which make the US a co-belligerent and a legitimate target under international law. This is extremely unwise and reflects the massive stupidity of the leadership of both the US and NATO. As I observe in my concluding remarks, perhaps nuclear annihilation is preferable to slow starvation, which appears to be the choice we now confront. Stunning that no leadership has arisen in the US to lead us out of this devastating predicament. The Russian Ambassador to the US advises that the West is not taking the risk of nuclear war sufficiently seriously. Perhaps when the bombs start dropping, they will realize how foolish they have been--at the expense of much of the world's population. The ditz picked as spokesman for the new Disinformation Governance Board provides a stunning example of how utterly irresponsible the Democrats have become. She is ignorant and arrogant and has no idea which side is up. Mind-boggling. Georg Soros--Surprise! Surprise!--appears to be behind this, where he has made no secret of his desire to destroy American before he passes on.

The United States is boasting about assisting Ukraine with actionable intelligence, which may have contributed to the deaths of as many as 12 Russian Generals. Does anyone think they are not going to notice? This makes us co-belligerents because providing actionable intel is an act of war. We apparently are also claiming to have aided Ukraine in sinking the Moskva, which is an act of unimaginable insanity. Have no doubt that Putin will respond at times and places of his choosing--and that it will be a formidable--even devastating!--response. During their May Day Celebration in Moscow, the Russian "Doomsday Plane" was flown, sending a message any rational nation would recognize as of the highest degree of seriousness. Democrats are discrediting themselves with "My body, My choice" over abortion when not a peep was forthcoming over the mask mandates, the vax mandates, and the lockdowns. If there was ever a sorrier group of hypocrites in world history, none come to mind. Despicable! And the lawlessness with which they are confronting Justices of the Supreme Court--at their homes!--while Biden and Harris say nothing in opposition is about as disgraceful an act as ever from a US President, who claims to represent "All the people!" Not a chance. You are either for them or they are against you. Stunning stuff. While I believe Roe and Casey were properly decided and strongly support a woman's right to choose, I cannot abide the tactics of the mob, which now dominates the Democratic Party--which is anything but democratic!

Remarkably, polling suggests that the abortion issue is unlikely to make a decisive difference at the midterms in November, if we get that far. More and more indications are that the Biden admin wants to provoke a war with Russia to impose martial law in the US and cancel the midterm elections. Who would be surprised? Calling MAGA "the most extreme political organization in the history of the United States" is so crackpot that it reveals the absence of cognitive competence in our highest leader of the nation. Bizarre! Meanwhile LA and MO are bringing suits against Biden and Fauci and others for violating our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech though the massive censorship exercise via the Social Media, Tucker has reported that Biden will now be sending armed agents to our homes if we do not toe the line and adhere to "official narratives" about the election, 6 January, or the pandemic and the vax. Absolutely stunning! And the airhead they put out in front of their Disinformation Governance Board comes across like a college sophomore who knows nothing but thinks she knows everything! The CDC turns out to have been tracking us using our cell phones to insure compliance with its directives, which is another practice fully deserving class-action lawsuits. Democrats are demonizing Ron Johnson, but he is one of the few who has an actual grasp of the data and fraud surrounding the pandemic. I am proud to say that he is my senator from Wisconsin--and I wish him well! Joy Behar advocates sex strikes to motivate support for abortion, but some of the responses to her stance are beyond hilarious! The Democrats continue to do a pretty good job of self-immolation.

AMAZING and sobering coverage of the ongoing destruction of our food supply using various invisible "viruses" as the reason. Starving us to "keep us safe!"

An observing alien species would ask itself, "Why is humanity destroying ALL of their food sources?" In this special Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian has a candid conversation about the overwhelming number of attacks on our food supply. With crops unplanted and with more food facilities burning down, the media runs stories about "food fire conspiracy theories." And it's not just chickens -- the state is also killing deer and fish in the name of stopping diseases. Start growing food now.


FULL SHOW NOTES: https://www.iceagefarmer.com/2022/05/04/food-supply-shutdown-deer-fish-pigs-euthanized-crops-not-planted/


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