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After a year of dutiful compliance, a second generation of lockdown protestors emerges in April 2021—when small-business owners finally realize that obedience to tyrants only gets you f'd harder. Let this flashback to last year's vigorous activism in Vancouver steel your resolve for the battles ahead.

More flashbacks to '21: Shamar speaks his mind at a spirited No New Normal rally in Vancouver last year. Plus, an update from everyone's favourite non-doctor.

Is history repeating itself this week at the WHO? (Joe Bidden seems to think so.) And we finally edit footage from the "lost" car rally of April 2021—including a powerful speech by the late Mak Parhar in Vancouver. Let's heal the Great Divide!

Dr Claire Craig says, WTF.

Boom boom boom.

Depopulation...& captivity for whoever's left

Pam Popper of Make Americans Free Again ( elaborates on the new ape sh-t pretext for world totalitarian control.

Pfizer CEO at Davos, with satirical commentary.

A co-author of the Club of Rome's book, The Limits to Growth, is licking his chops for world revolution. Plus: A treat from Chatham House (the CFR's sister think-tank across the pond) & a delightful preview of things planned, courtesy of a Goldman Sachs banker at the WEF.

A certified financial planner at the festival in Gause, Texas discusses central bank digital currencies—CBDC's. Are you ready for a new world order? Hell no!

John Bush appears at Flote Fest 2022 to promote the Exit And Build conference held this May in and around Bastrop, Texas. Plus: Scenes from some of the farm tours at the conference. Escape the beastly, global system!

Derrick Broze inspires the perspiring crowd in Gause, Texas. Yee-haw!

The People's Convoy passes through Denton, Texas on March 1.

The John Stone Club takes a warm look back at summer '21 in Vancouver & wishes the best for Canadian freedom warriors in their bitter, winter struggle. This content creator left the country in November to continue the fight in his native land. Thank you Canada, & good luck!

In what has proved to be the John Stone Club's final rally attended in Canada, activists gather at Vancouver City Hall before Remembrance Day to defy coercive, medical mandates and tyrannical, dubious, "immunity" passports. A protester marches with an oversized Australian flag in solidarity with that country's besieged populace. And Dr Daniel Nagase makes an impromptu speech on the importance of resisting our impending slavery.

"I'm not sayin' they're nazis...but they're nazis!"
Richard discusses World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab's fascist proclivities.

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Flashback to springtime: Just in case you need some's some vociferant activism from the Okanagan. Keep standing tall!

An urgent message—more relevant now than ever—delivered in the Fraser Valley last April by J. D. Lemmens (,

Vancouver ends Summer '21 with a huge rally, joining cities worldwide to protest totalitarian, vaccine passports. It took a year and a half, but has BC finally awakened to the danger we all face from coercive, genetic experimentation?


We cannot allow a freedom gap!
After a hiatus, No New Normal revs up the Vancouver car rallies, protesting the impending vaccine passports.

Watch Bonobo3D, the BitChute channel of video contributor, James Loewen:

Alex the Comic rejoins No New Normal protesters at the sun-drenched beach for a most serious conversation.

In a move reminiscent of a prediction Alex Jones might have made a decade ago, the U. S. Department of Homeland Security is smearing those opposed to the government's draconian, disproportionate health dictates, as potential terrorists. This won't end well.

No New Normal BC meets at drought-parched Sunset Beach in Vancouver to raise awareness of the coming vaccine-passport tyranny.


A minister explains five principles in the Charter with which we can fell the despotic giant.


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